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Gerard Malouf & Partners are a leading Australian No Win No Fee* law firm. We have won billions for our clients, and specialise in maximising compensation awarded.

We have offices across Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. Our team of Accredited Personal Injury Specialists have over 35 years of experience in personal injury, insurance, accident and negligence compensation claims. We have helped people achieve the maximum result in the minimum time in a friendly and caring environment where the welfare of the client is of paramount concern to all compensation lawyers and members of staff. If you need a Personal Injury Lawyer, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

90 Day Complimentary Trial

Let us prove we are worth engaging as your personal injury compensation lawyers.

We are so confident in our ability to add value to your claim, and obtain you maximum compensation at minimum cost,  that we are prepared to provide you with a 90 day free trial of our legal services to establish our professionalism and competence.

This offer is only valid if you specifically request us to include this term as a written condition in our cost agreement. If you are not totally satisfied with the services provided during the 90 day complimentary/free trial you are entitled to take your file at no cost at any time within the 90 day period upon providing five days written notice.

No Win No Fee* Personal Injury Lawyers

Our offices are conveniently located throughout Sydney & regional NSW including major centers Parramatta, Liverpool, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Wollongong & Newcastle. We also have offices in Queensland, Victoria & the Australian Capital Territory. If you are unable to visit our offices, our compensation lawyers are able to arrange a virtual meeting or meet you at your home.

Contact us on 1800 004 878 and we will arrange a free consultation appointment for you at an office convenient to you.

Our Unique Compensation Service Guarantee

We are so confident of the value we provide our clients that we are prepared to reduce our lawyer fees if you are dissatisfied.

We are the only Specialist Personal Injury, Medical, Negligence, Car Accident Damages Claims Lawyers in Australia that provides this undertaking in writing to its clients.

Exceptional Personal Injury Lawyers

  • Over 26,000 successful insurance and negligence compensation claims
  • Over billions of dollars won for our clients in past insurance, accident and negligence claims
  • 98% of court cases successful
  • Over 35 years experience as a personal injury compensation lawyer in Sydney & NSW
  • Very aggressively fighting for your rights
  • Insist upon communicating with our clients continuously
  • Offer a simple and fair cost agreement that you will understand

We are as tough and demanding on our barristers and experts to succeed and achieve for our clients as we are on the insurance company lawyers.

Contact us on 1800 004 878 and we will arrange a free consultation appointment for you at an office convenient to you in Sydney & NSW.

*The Workers Compensation Independent Review Officer (WIRO) provides funding to cover all  your legal costs and disbursements so that you are not exposed to any financial costs or disbursements whatsoever whether you are successful or otherwise in your statutory workers compensation application.

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A Teacher receives $500,000 after a slip and fall on an open carriage

Published Feb 15 2021

In mid-2015, our client had traveled from New South Wales to Victoria with her students for a school excursion at an outdoor museum and historical experience venue. As part of the Australian historical experience, the group was traveling in an open carriage vehicle, which had large plastic curtains draped down the sides of the carriage to keep the passengers dry from the rain. In order to alight from the carriage, our client assisted students by lifting and holding the heavy clear curtains, without the assistance of the venue’s staff members. Finally, she attempted to descend from the carriage, by holding the heavy clear curtains with both hands and stepping down from the carriage. Due to awkward motion, she lost her... Read More

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