Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Malpractice Lawyers


We are specialist plastic / cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyers running many cases against plastic surgeons where the result of such intervention is less than satisfactory.

There may be a number of reasons why a patient who has experienced some form of cosmetic surgery involving breast reconstruction or augmentation, face lifts or reconstruction, eyebrow lifts or skin grafts is upset with the result.

Generally before a surgeon undertakes a cosmetic procedure he should also evaluate a patient from a psychological point of view to determine whether such a person is a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery.  Everyone’s view about end result is different and unless your surgeon has gone to great lengths explaining the pros and cons of undertaking cosmetic surgery and provided you with the risks involved including problems associated with severe infection following such surgery, you may not have been placed in the position of making an informed decision with all the facts.

Gerard Malouf and Partners specialist medical lawyers will investigate your claim, obtain copies of all nursing, hospital and surgical notes and the pre-and post-photographs of your surgery and will brief specialist cosmetic surgeons to assist with an analysis of the merits of a claim.  All of this work will be done on a “no win no fee” basis.

If we believe you have a case, an expert plastic surgery malpractice attorney of ours will proceed to prosecute aggressively and will examine all facets of your life that have been affected particularly your psychological condition following the poor result after surgery that so often causes a huge amount of distress, anxiety and psychological problems for the unfortunate patient.  The standard of care for a specialist cosmetic surgeon is extremely high and often, as you may be aware, the surgeon may offer to further operate upon you without cost following the first unsuccessful surgery.  This may not necessarily mean the doctor has made an error but it is a warning sign to you to investigate with an alternative specialist and possibly seek independent legal advice to consider your options.

It is critically important if you engage a medical lawyer that you write out in great detail all the conversations entered into with the specialist doctor before and after the surgery setting out the options and risks that the doctor may have raised with you and any guarantees or inducements he may have provided. Importantly plastic surgeons/cosmetic surgeons generally have a large range of advertising to promote their services and if you could provide copies and details of this advertising which may on occasions be regarded as a form of inducement this could also be very helpful in establishing negligence.

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