Mesothelioma Compensation

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that forms in the protective lining that surrounds the lungs (pleura) or abdomen (peritoneum) after asbestos fibres, inhaled 15 to 40 years before, transform from the inflammation, scarring and genetic damage caused when they become lodged in the protective lining of the organ.

Mesothelioma usually requires an exposure to asbestos fibres greater than usual background exposure. In 2009 we won a landmark settlement where the client’s exposure to asbestos dust and fibre was limited to 4 hours but this was only achieved through our expert and thorough preparation.

Common symptoms include chest pain, coughing up sputum, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, weight loss and fatigue.

Damages can be recovered not only by the person exposed but also for nervous shock for family members who suffer psychological injury through seeing their loved one suffer such an injury.

Even though there is no time limitation within which to bring a claim for damages arising from this disease any damages claim MUST be commenced whilst the client is alive. As longevity between diagnosis and death is averaged in months immediate action by our dedicated team means, when instructed, we like to confer with you within 48 hours of receiving instructions, no matter where you live.

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