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Legal Advice: Most Commonly Asked Questions About Your Legal Rights

I was injured in a car accident. What are my rights?

Being injured in a car accident can be extremely traumatising, whether your injuries are primarily physical or you suffer additional psychological harm. Fortunately, Australian law protects your rights as a car accident victim, and you have several paths to compensation. From schemes for victims of hit-and-run accidents to court settlements for serious injuries, there are multiple options for you to

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Making a medical negligence claim after 3 years

When someone needs to go to the hospital, the only thing on your mind is hoping they get better. Medical professionals are in the unique position where they’re called on to always get things right, care for the patient diligently and do everything in their power to help your loved one survive.   The reality of this situation is that this

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A vision for compensation after suffering industrial deafness

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (ONIHL) is both common and preventable in Australia. It can hurt the livelihood of the person suffering from deafness, as well as their families and loved ones. A 2020 research initiative, entitled “Productivity Burden of Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Australia: A Life Table Modelling Study,” suggests that more than 80,000 male workers and over 31,000

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Can I claim for asbestos exposure? Here’s what you need to know

Being exposed to asbestos is no small issue. It can subsequently lead to mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. Asbestos was a material commonly used in the construction of drywall and insulation before its harms were known. Workers and anyone nearby a renovation site from before asbestos was regulated may be subject to an asbestos related disease.  While this isn’t cause

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A brief guide to asbestos death compensation

Asbestos poisoning is a dangerous condition that might not present itself until years after the victim has been exposed. With potentially up to 40 years passing before it’s even diagnosed, it may be hard to remember where the poisoning might have taken place. Unfortunately, realising someone has asbestos poisoning can come too late before they pass away and before they

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What happens when there’s a failure to diagnose or medical negligence?

When you visit your doctor with a medical complaint, or for a health certification of wellness, you expect them to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. When a diagnosis is incorrect, delayed or missed altogether, you can suffer very real harm.  Failure to diagnose correctly and in a timely manner can be considered medical negligence in some cases, and

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