Silicosis Claims

Silicosis is a lung disease caused by high-intensity and/or long-term exposure to silica dust, such as arising from sandstone dust, that contains silica. As with all dust diseases only certain sized dust particles [2-6 micron] lodge in the lining of the lungs when inhaled. Silicosis is normally associated with scarring and the formation of large hard nodules in the upper portion of the lungs. These nodules obstruct the flow of air in and out of the lung and restrict its ability to expand and contract normally.

Symptoms associated with Silicosis include a shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue and a dry cough. Depending on the level of exposure, it typically takes at least five years (and up to 30 years) for symptoms to develop after first being exposed to silica dust.

As the Sydney basin contains significant deposits of sandstone this is a common dust disease with its worst form developing into what is called Pulmonary Massive Fibrosis which can severely restrict an ability to undertake normal daily activities and can shorten life.

Those persons working in the excavation and high rise building trades are particularly prone to suffering this disease later in life and although there is no time limitation within which to bring a claim, any damages claim MUST be commenced whilst the client is alive the earlier an assessment can be made whether this condition is present, the better.

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