Supermarket & Shopping Centre Fall Compensation


Shopping centre and Supermarket Slips ,Falls & Trip accidents

Many people sustain injuries due to accidents at supermarkets as a result of slipping, falling and tripping over due to the negligence and fault of the owner of the premises and/or the person that owns the business.

Gerard Malouf and Partners Public Liability Compensation Lawyers are happy to assist you, having run thousands of successful supermarket slip and fall cases against major shopping centres and supermarket including Westfields, Stockland’s Mirvac., Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Aldi, and numerous local neighbourhood shopping centres .

Commonly this involves where people have slipped on water, milk, oil and objects left negligently about the premises causing a trip and/or fall hazard.

Generally we find that older people who fall suffer significant fractures particularly to the cervical and lumbar spine causing them ongoing pain and discomfort to their neck, back, arms and their reducing mobility to the point that they require homecare services or an increase in assistance at home undertaking cooking, planning, washing, gardening and personal hygiene activities.

All of these areas can be claimed in public liability actions against the owner of the premises and/or the owner of the business where the slip and fall trip occurred. As a result, significant shopping centre fall compensation can be procured. Under the Civil Liability Act damages can be obtained for pain and suffering, wage loss if applicable but more particularly homecare services that could amount to many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, people with supermarket injury claims are often entitled to a pain and suffering component which might amount to $100,000 or more due to the ongoing problems, stress and anxiety.

Many people are unaware that other family members may also have supermarket injury claims because of the increased pressure and stress placed upon them.

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