Nursing Home Negligence Claims

The elderly for various reasons often utilise the services of a nursing home. Family members may not be able to provide homecare to increasingly fragile and ageing parents who may also suffer from dementia. We understand your devotion to your family and your insistence that they receive the very best treatment, compassion and health care provided by a nursing home and its staff including Doctors and specialised and high trained nurses and nursing aids.

Of course, the vast majority of people involved in the nursing home industry are exceptionally devoted and capable but sadly there are many instances of nursing home negligence that can cover a variety of matters including the following: –

  • Physical abuse of elderly patients intentionally or unintentionally;
  • Emotional abuse and non-verbal abuse of elderly patients;
  • General neglect and lack of compassion for the elderly concerning their personal and medical needs;
  • Medical dosage errors;
  • Over medication errors and abuse;
  • Failure to adequately treat infections that escalate into life-threatening illnesses;
  • Sexual abuse of the elderly;
  • Permitting elderly patients to suffer from malnutrition including dehydration and contamination;
  • Failure to medically diagnose life-threatening illnesses and provide appropriate referrals to medical specialists;
  • Failure to provide adequate supervision regarding bedding, personal care, showering and hygiene generally;
  • Malnutrition of the elderly going undetected;
  • Maltreating elderly patients with Alzheimer disease;
  • Failure to treat bedsores and provide appropriate body rotation methods to reduce the risk of such bedsores;
  • Not ensuring adequate health and safety audits are undertaken and the appropriate building action to reduce the risk of unsafe walkways, trip hazards, stairs and bathrooms at various nursing home facilities that will ultimately unlikely cause injury to elderly patients.

It is indeed unfortunate that the elderly, despite the great contributions they have provided our society, are treated so poorly and have so little recourse to legal action to remedy their maltreatment. We all must take responsibility for often appalling conditions.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners, Personal Injury, Medical Negligence and Will Dispute Lawyers, we want to be the voice of these disadvantaged and unheard victims of nursing home negligence.

We take nursing home negligence claims very seriously. We will aggressively prosecute each breach of an elderly person’s rights that cause them humiliation, physical injury, psychological damage and financial loss particularly, in nursing homes situated in New South Wales. We won’t allow abuse and any form of discomfort to be tolerated by the elderly and are happy without cost to act on our deserving client’s behalf to achieve justice and maximum compensation swiftly.

A nursing home negligence lawyer of ours will happily be the voice of the elderly who are disadvantaged irrespective of their racial, religious or financial background.

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