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Dear Gerard

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the outstanding outcome that was achieved by Gerard Malouf & Partners in my historical childhood sexual abuse claim.

The respect, empathy and professional advice given to me by Julie Baqleh and her assistants was exceptional. From the initial phone conversation to the final Informal Settlement Conference. Julie was always there to offer her professional guidance. This enabled me to make informed decisions based on the facts rather than allowing my emotions to take control. As a result, Julie was able to achieve for me, what I believe to be the best possible settlement for which I am extremely grateful.

I would also like to acknowledge the work done by your appointed Barrister David Elliott. He explained the processes that would take place during the Informal Settlement Conference and strategies that would be required throughout the morning. He was extremely professional yet personable. He was very decisive in his dealings with the solicitors for the defendant.

I would also like to acknowledge the professional interest that you provided throughout the course of my claim.

I would confidently recommend Gerard Malouf & Partners to anyone in need of any form of legal assistance, knowing that they will receive the same respect, empathy and professional advice that I received to obtain the best possible outcome.

With great appreciation

Henry’s locks and key – Sole proprietor NSW

Dear Gerard Malouf and Partners,
I want to express my gratitude for your help.
Your staff and your lawyers have done a good work and I am very thankful for the compensation I received.
The terrible car accident in Northern NSW took place around a year ago. A hit and run!
But with combined efforts the compensation claim went through and got paid out in real money.
Now I was happy to get reimbursed for my expenses and can follow up on medical treatments.
If Gerard Malouf would not care, then I think nobody would care.
His Organisation was for me like a father and a mother in one.
Great support!
I kindly thank you for your help.
All of you.

Les & Julie of NSW

Dear Amanda and Reg.
Les and myself would like to thank you so much for what you have done. We didn’t know what was going to happen to us before this. We would have managed some how now we will not have to struggle. We now can place a deposit on the house that is close to most of our children. I really do not have the words to say how much we appreciate everything that you have done. Thank you

Tanya P of NSW

Dear Kim

When my accident happened I was advised to take action for compensation, something I had no intention of doing in the beginning.

However the people who caused this accident were so mean to me that I took the said given advice and started looking around for someone to help me.

I spoke to several other companies because I really wasn’t familiar with anything like this.

I was very disappointed with the response, or rather the lack of response that I recieved from these companies, that I almost gave up.

Then I called Gerard Malouf & Partners, the best phone call I have made in my life. Almost immediately I knew that I had made the right decision. From the very beginning G.M.P. were fabulous and I felt like I was in good

Things ticked over for the first year, however I didn’t really feel that my case had any significance and I thought that I may have fallen through the cracks somewhat.

I am not a pushy person at all , but I was starting to feel anxious because there was not alot of communication between my solicitor at the time and myself.

Then a ” miracle” happened!!!! Zac Mackic and his lovely secretary Dyana Spencer came to my rescue.

I say ” miracle ” because within a month or so there was so much communication and ‘correspondence between myself and Zac I couldn’t believe it.

I am totally HOPELESS when it comes to technology but because Zac and Dyana were putting so much effort into my case, I really pushed myself, and spent hours in my local library driving the poor staff crazy, so I could keep up with my end of the deal.

As a result of all their hard work and dedication ,the nightmare that I have been experiencing for the last 18 or so months is now finally over.

I cannot tell you how happy and grateful I am, that these two fabulous team members of yours came into my life and acually gave me back my life!

Both Dyana and Zac truly, went above and beyond the call of duty and I have’t even met them.

So in conclusion, I’d like you to know that, from this wonderful experience and outcome I am eternally grateful to Zac and Dyana, and when Zac returns from his well earned vacation I will endeavor to come to Parramatta to meet them both and thank them in person.

I will recommend your company to anyone and everyone who is in need of the BEST.

Noel of NSW

Dear Richele,

It would be totally remiss of me if I did not write to express my sincere thanks to GMP and in particular, yourself and your Team, who were assigned to handle my case.

How do I describe my experience with GMP:,

  • Highly professional,
  • Friendly and compassionate,
  • Brilliant communications,
  • Totally empathetic,
  • all within a caring environment.

Many Organisations these days claim to provide “Excellence in Service” then it is found that they fall well short of that claim.

From my experience with you, it clearly displayed that the term “Excellence in Service” is the benchmark for service delivery not just a throw away marketing line and that benchmark is achieved or bettered.

I would very much appreciate if you would accept my sincere thanks to you and your Team for the excellent service you provided me with. From Day 1 to the conclusion last week which extended over more than two years, it was truly outstanding.

I certainly would not hesitate to recommend GMP and in particular yourself, to family or friends that may need similar legal services in the future.


I have been so impressed with the support Matthew Lo has shown to my wife and myself and is still showing it by checking in and inquiring about my health and well-being. He has impressed me so much words can’t describe how my wife and feel about him, and I have already recommended Malouf & partners to one of my neighbors and will continue to do so, thankyou so much Matthew Lo.

S & S of NSW

Hi Reg
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to you and your team and Mark Cleary for all your assistance in the Accident Claim.
We are also very grateful for the reduction in fees as outlined in your letter dated 17 November 2017.
Your professionalism and diligence during this whole process will certainly be shared in our review of your services and we will definitely recommend your services to anyone who may require legal service in the future.
Once again. Thank you

Latifa of NSW

I am grateful to have had Gerard Malouf and Partners dealt with my case. Mr Abbas in particular assisted me throughout the case, giving me great advice and support throughout the ordeal. Gerard Malouf and his team have an excellent service and went beyond all expectations. I would have no hesitation in referring anyone needing legal advice to Gerard Malouf, as they will always give 100% to your case.

D.A of NSW

Dear Vrege
I am truly grateful for all efforts made in securing for me a positive outcome with my compensation claim. I personally found the whole processes stressful and confusing but the support I received from Amanda and Alexander is why I didn’t give up. I’m so pleased I didn’t. The outcome Matthew and you achieved has allowed me to rest and space to breath. It really has been wonderful.
A job is just a job. Though all of you excelled at what you do. Thank you, your commitment to your profession delivered a great result.

Mary of NSW

Hi Garbis. I am not sure if you remember me but you probably do as I was your most annoying client.

You will pleased to know I used the money wisely and brought a house without a loan. My life is much better and I am mentally getting there.

Was just writing to you to thank you as I don’t think I ever actually did thank you properly, now I am in a better head space I am able to appreciate all the hard work you put into my case resulting in a great outcome.

You were very kind, caring & compassionate towards me considering all the stress I imposed on you.

So now here I am thanking you so much for everything, and want you to know I am forever grateful that I chose GMP & they selected you to represent me.

Adam P of NSW

Hi David. Thank you so much for all your expertise and compassion that you have shown throughout this ordeal. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone that has suffered unfortunate injuries etc such as mine and Mr Malouf must be proud to have such an outstanding lawyer within his ranks. You gave me great insight into the whole process from the very beginning, and it unravelled exactly as you predicted. I hope to never experience such an ordeal again in my life and look forward to moving on. The proposed changes to the way cases such as mine are to be handled must be of great concern, and I genuinely worry for those unfortunates that will most likely lose everything through no fault of their own if the changes are allowed to proceed as they are currently being drafted.

Michelle of NSW

I wish there was enough room in this email so I could tell you how wonderful they both are. I contacted a few law firms before I finally chose Gerard Malouf & Partners.

They were very prompt and professional. When I went to visit at their office for further consultation the atmosphere and the way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. After the meeting I decided to hire them for my case and did not have any regrets. Let me start with David Cossalter first.

I am an anxious person, and David found that out at our first depositions. He guided me, told me to keep calm and told me I was doing a good job with the opposing team. After that, he was very truthful about my case and told me like it was. Often many people hate their lawyers, because they “skip around the truth” not David, he has been sooo kind about helping me understand this. When my case was over it was sad, not because I lost (I didn’t), but because I felt like I had been a part of a family, David said “It’s ok; we will always be here if you need us for anything else. Thank you for david He really is a charm.

Now for lisa, she was very good at letting me know what steps I needed to take for each situation I have had your firm deal with for me. I guess you could call her a “great leader”, as she gets what she goes after, and lets you know what the other side is doing and how it would be better if you think about what they are offering. She always returned all of my calls and also kept me feeling calm. Many of us clients I am sure experience this anxiety, but I can still hear lisa saying” “now you know the address don’t be late for your barristers appointment’. What a wonderful asset lisa is to your firm. one thing i loved was how she would say “See I told you we could do this.” such a positive character.

I cannot express enough how wonderful these two were to both my partner and myself. Your attention to my case had allowed me to focus on what was important to me, healing and recovery. Thank you!

Slobodan of NSW

Hi Vrege,
I am glade to inform you that the funds are finally in my account. I want to express my sincere appreciation for everything that you done for me and my family!!! Thank You very much for all the work that you put into my case and I wish you and your team all the best in the future!

Peter L of NSW

Just a note to thank you for the excellent service you provided over the last 5 years in my recent settled injury claim. You always kept me up to date with the matter and gave me good quality service and advice all the way through, your case management was first class. Your inclusion of Fergus Austin and later Michael Cranitch was , I think, paramount in settling my claim. Throuout the process both Ebony Hetherington and lately Kitty Edwards have given an excellent point of communication with you. Thank you for your efforts and assistance from your team.

M Bell of NSW

I would like to thank GMP, Ray Abbas & Grace for your efforts on my behalf over the extended period were always conducted in a manner which gave me comfort and confidence at all times. Your attention to detail in sorting out all our medical expenses and claims from medicare and our private health fund were greatly appreciated by my husband and myself.
We will gladly refer your company to friends and relatives in need of legal advice.

Ms M H

I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you have done to assist me with my personal injury claim.

I had a severe car accident 11 years ago, and whilst my severe neck injury improved and I returned to life, work and sporting activity, I still had to be cautious of my neck. Four years ago I was crushed in a fast moving electronic door which malfunctioned and I suffered significant lateral whiplash. This brought about not only severe insult to my previous injuries but debilitated me significantly. Being a young energetic mother of four with my own private practice I had to endure and live through the most horrific pain which the herniated cervical neck discs caused. My husband and children were always in fear of hurting my neck, I had to be helped out of bed and my quality of life diminished dramatically in that time. Even moving through the shops or sitting in a theatre, I had to constantly prevent my head and neck from mechanical stress by people bumping me.

My claim was complicated and convoluted due to other medical issues such as depression and anxiety, which was diagnosed after my car accident and post trauma symptoms. From the outset you listened, always acted in my best interests and supported me unconditionally. You never judged me and believed in me. And I left my claim until the end of my statutory time frames, and my claim needed to be expedited. Your efficiency and diligence always surprised me as I have worked with many solicitors and the biggest complaint I always heard from patients/ clients is how ‘hopeless’, lazy’ or ‘slow’ ‘my solicitor is’. I always had the exact opposite experience of your services and I felt that your humorous candid wit kept me positive when I felt like giving up.

What impressed me the most however is that you were willing to forgo a large sum of service fees to ensure that I ended up with the compensation my family so desperately needed.

Thanks to you Tony my claim has been finalised with an unexpected amount to pay for my medicals. Since this time I have been having state of the art treatment with a private Pain Specialist who has recently admitted me to his Private Day Surgery four times in the lead up to high frequency radiotherapy of a number of cervical nerves. I now have other treatment options which I would not have been able to pay for if not for you and your team at Gerard Malouf and Partners.

I would like to thank also, Priyanka, your personal assistant who was always happy to speak with me and help in any way she could. Shetal also did a fabulous job of sorting through many fine and tedious details. Our Barrister was kind, funny and clever – and never once became rattled in the situation. Even the Mediator was completely professional and impartial and put me at ease.

Gerard Malouf and Partners helped me make good decisions without the need of going to court.

I believe the whole team at Gerard, Malouf and Partners has been hand picked to offer one of the best legal services I could have hoped for.


I wanted to express my gratitude to your firm, specifically to Mr Garbis Kolokossian for his effort and dedication in my case that was above and beyond what I expected to receive. Mr. Garbis was clever, extremely professional, comforting, and always kept me informed during the entire compensation process. It was apparent to me that he cared about the outcome almost as much as I did. His style of representation was impeccable, classy, and he cleverly executed every facet of the case. After sustaining injuries from a car accident that wasn’t my fault I could never thought anyone would stay by my side, but you consistently put all your efforts for securing the damages to which I was entitled. I really can’t thank you enough for that. I certainly hope that none of my friends ever has a need to file suit for personal injury, but if they do, I will absolutely recommend you to them. Mr. Garbis I thank you again for your excellent representation.

D of NSW

Hi Garbis, I hope you’re well.
I don’t think I got the chance to thank you properly for all your work on my behalf during my injury claim.
You helped make the process easy to understand and were refreshingly honest and realistic about everything.
You did a great job to get such a good settlement for me, you represented me really well and it was more than I was expecting.

Ms N of Rooty Hill

Dear Gerard,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to comment the work Reg Kolokossian and his team carried out in helping me secure a fair compensation seal after my car was rear ended by truck. He knew the amount eh insurance company was offering to pay me was unacceptable and insufficient, given my injuries from the accident. They remained in my corner to the very end when the cheque was in my hand. Reg even took an interest in ensuring my money remained safe and allocated as per my wishes.
I will know where to turn if I ever find myself in a situation like this.

Lachlan from NSW

“Hi Ray. I have received the cheque today and have left reviews on social media.
You have been so good and professional right from day 1 when I was in Mittagong.
If I have any friends wanting legal representation I will point them your way.”

Simone R of NSW

“I would like to provide you with a testimonial based on the fantastic job you did for me following a car accident. I can’t thank you, Ebony and the rest of your team enough for your hard and persistent work on my case. You really made what would have otherwise been a very traumatic experience, truly easy. Not once during the year long case did I ever have to worry, as you had everything completely under control behind the scenes. I had complete trust that you were working tirelessly to ensure me a fair end result – and you did not disappoint.

You were clear, knowledgable and empathetic and are backed by an efficient and extremely helpful assistant in Ebony. I would highly recommend your services (and already have) to others who have been faced in similarly unfortunate situations. Thank you again for all of your help.”

Chris and Finn B of NSW

“After interviewing a number of different legal firms almost three years ago my brother and I chose Malouf and Partners to help us sort out a legally complex and emotionally painful legal issue. We made the right decision.

Despite the fact that one of us lives overseas and the other lives in another state far from Sydney we have never had to wait for Malouf and Partners to give us a prompt and carefully considered reply to our very many phone and email enquiries.

For almost three years Malouf and Partners has, and still continues to support us with excellent, balanced legal advice and moral and emotional support.

The firm has always treated us courteously and professionally; patiently explaining complex legal issues and choices, and helping us to make the best decisions in our circumstances.

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Malouf and Partners to anyone interested in professional and ethical legal services. “

Carmel P of Sydney

“For the past 2 years I have been a client of GMP under the care of Ms Quanita Issacs.

Although Quanita only began looking after me as a client in July last year, I wanted it to be noted my gratitude and respect that I have for Ms Issacs and the help and professionalism she has shown throughout the lengthy claim that I had.

As you can appreciate, it has been a very trying time for myself and my family post injury and not being able to work.
I looked to GMP to help file a case against my insurer for a TPD benefit.

I am pleased to say that with the dedicated help of Ms Issacs that the matter has recently settled out of court with an incredibly pleasing result. Although it wasn’t always smooth sailing, Ms Issacs never faultered at being caring and considerate to my situation. Her professional advice was always spot on and on many occasions she went over and above what was required of her to make sure I was well informed and comfortable every step of the way.

She really showed such a level of genuine care and concern when dealing with me, sometimes on a daily basis. I’m sure there were times when I was incredibly emotional because of what I was going through, yet Ms Issacs always explained the processes to me and put my mind at ease. I trusted her advice and in the end received a great result.

I just wanted you both to know how hard she has worked to deal with my file and the appreciation I have. I think she is a great asset to your team and I take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE involved in creating the final outcome that I have received. I don’t have enough words to be able to express my full amount of gratitude. “

Jenny of NSW

“I would like to thank GMP for achieving a very reasonable outcome in regards to my claim. On the day Matthew and Fergus were very supportive and very informative about what they hoped would be the final outcome. I think every one was happy to have been able to close the case out on the day. I will be very happy to provide a review on your website.

I would especially like to thank you and Jessica for the friendly manner you showed me in all our telephone conversations. It is sometimes difficult to build long distance trusts, but it was always a pleasure to speak with you both.”

Jenny of NSW

“I had a severe car accident in April 2012 and ended up as the most traumatic incident of my life; causing major injuries.
GMP provided great experience and assistance throughout my insurance claim process. I was very impressed with a better than expected outcome. Solicitor in charge of my case Garbis Kolokossian made every effort and went the extra mile to achieve a winning result.

I’d like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to GMP and highly recommend their services to anyone.”

Andrea B of NSW

“To whoever may read this if you have been in a car accident and are looking for a lawyer:

Being in a nasty road rage car accident has been one of the worst things to happen to me. Certainly it has changed my life entirely. I experienced so much loss due to disability caused by a man who took it into his head to ram me off a motorway at over 100km/hr. If this isn’t bad enough, he sped off and then lied about ever being in an accident – completely denying liability despite witnesses to the contrary. He managed to even get out of a fine!

When you are in an accident like this and you are injured you need to make sure you are covered as much as possible. At the very least, you must report the accident to the authorities if you are injured. Get yourself checked out as soon as possible either at hospital via ambulance or GP,, immediately if you can so nobody can try and say you got your injuries elsewhere but I think latest within 24-48hrs. You need then to submit an Accident Notification Form to the CTP insurers and make sure that you do it within 28days of the accident. All of this is so time limited but so important. If you need to seek compensation then you are covered so the process can begin. If you don’t feel you need to seek compensation – awesome! But you truly do need to remember these other time limited things just in case.

Before the accident, I had a great view of my future looking at fulfilling my professional desires, continuing working full time, saving up and buying a home, travel, having a meaningful life with relationships, children and enjoyable recreation. All this was taken away with the accident. I have been left with chronic disabling pain and especially, an inability to sit with my coccyx being broken and ongoing joint and nerve issues that have now been realised as permanent. It is incredible how much you need to sit in life. You need to sit to work, to travel, to eat out with friends, to watch movies in the cinema, ride horses and so on and so on. Combine that with injury to my back from the accident and chronic pain from nerve damage and joint damage associated,,, well there went my ability to go bushwalking, hiking, standing for a full shift of less meaningful work (in an attempt to find work without sitting), enjoy more intimate things of life, sleep, making my bed, washing my dishes, cleaning the house. I think you get the idea – I used to be fit and healthy and now I cannot do the most basic things that people take for granted. Not to mention the immense depression from all this loss and fear in the car that also came.

On top of all the adjustments I needed to make, I was not able to afford treatment beyond the charity of doctors who would bulk bill. Physios were something that I could not see. An occupational therapist was a pipe dream. And due to the fact of then relying on Centrelink, under law I had to “reasonably seek compensation”.

I found Gerard Malouf & Partners through an internet search. Vrege Kolokossian, a managing partner, personally came and met me in some offices in Penrith rather than me having to travel all the way into Parramatta. He met me with a free initial consultation and he went through what the legal process would entail as well as establishing all the basics of the accident and various forms ready for me should I choose to continue with GMPs services. He was matter of fact and down to earth. Both he and another lawyer within the firm, Antonio Marnia, worked tirelessly on my claim. Given the difficulties caused by the fact I had been in a previous accident many years prior and also that the man who rammed me off the road in this accident had denied liability, the team did an amazing job. Have no illusion, these legal processes can take time and they take an emotional and psychological toll as well. However, if it had not been for the amazing support of Vrege and Antonio, my needs would not have been recognised at all,,, even down to protecting some of my own personal records which were not applicable to the case regardless that opposing Insurance lawyers had subpoenaed them. These guys know how to help you through this and all the legals needed to protect you as best as possible.

Not surprisingly, the opposing insurer’s lawyers treat you as if you have not been in an accident when they start telling you that you must go for assessments with their medical assessors. The assessors also do not seem to recognise you have been in an accident when they do not try and accommodate your disability with adequate access to appointments. I was so thankful, especially to Mr Mancia, for firstly taking the time in understanding my physical and psychological restrictions in relation to appointments and was able to legally express that to the opposing so that I would at least be able to have assessments that were closer to me or appropriate transport provision so that I may attend. He was kind enough to advise me on how to deal with situations should I be asked unreasonable questions from these assessors and how to express my physical needs given my pain and inability to sit at all properly and also with dealing with the pain.

My case was complex with the denial by the driver of the vehicle that rammed me into a life of disability. Without the help of Mr Kolokossian and Mr Mancia I would probably be living at home with my ageing parents having to support and care for me. The legal process has not given me back my health, this is now impossible, and I will be dependant on the disability support pension for life now. However, GMP fought amazingly hard for me and were able to establish an Offer of Compromise from the insurer. Given my psychological health could not continue after three years of this legal battle, I am utterly grateful that GMP were able to secure the offer.

I will never have my health back. I may not ever be able to have children. I may not ever be able to work full time and use my mind in work that I used to excel at for the physical limitations I now have.

What I am able to do, is to now accept where I am after having fought so hard with GMP representing me for 3 hard years. I am able to accept my life as it is now and I am able to move on with it. I do not feel that I would have been able to do this without the representation of GMP – Vrege Kolokossian and Antonio Mancia and their staff. Without these people, I would not ever have seen an at least some settlement that now eases the burdens I have just a little. I may not be able to work properly again in my life however, their work sees me able to have some security going into the future so that I can live without the full fears of poverty caused by the road rage of another driver and the absence of integrity by insurers in control of your CTP monies.

Additionally, when it came to costs, GMP were absolutely fair. Their rates are very reasonable for the research I did on costs. They are “no win, no fee”, however they advise well as to what to expect and additionally they do have compassion and generosity of heart.

The combination of compassion, listening and fiercely fighting for your rights and reasonable compensation is something that, whilst nobody wants to have to deal with, is something that is sometimes necessary. I would recommend GMP without hesitation. This team will hear you and accommodate you as well as represent you strongly.

If you are in my position, I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you but I feel that you are in good hands with Gerard Malouf & Partners.

Many thanks again to GMP – Vrege Kolokossian and Antonio Mancia. Without you I would never have gotten through this and come out the other end in a position where I can at least ease some of the physical pain that I will experience through the rest of my life from the accident.

I cannot thank you enough.

Caroline B of NSW

After having a slipping accident in the fresh food section of a local supermarket my life was turned upside down physically and emotionally after sustaining a lower back injury, and my work life and financial situation was also severely affected. After initial contact with the supermarket chain, I soon realised that I needed legal representation.

On researching firms that dealt with compensation claims I was lead to Gerard Malouf and Partners. My journey to date has been a very painful one with my injury giving me daily grief and my emotional wellbeing shattered. Having Gerard Malouf and Partners supporting me and standing by me in my case has been my saving grace and without them I could not of coped with the legal battles that lay ahead, let alone my injury sustained. They have been professional in every aspect and considerate of me in the whole process. My case now has settled and although bittersweet in still carrying my injury, I now have enough in compensation to start over again and rebuild my life.

I would recommend anyone needing legal representation not to hesitate in calling Gerard Malouf and Partners – I cannot thank them enough for all they have done.

Herose of NSW

My wife and I would like to say a big thank you to Gerard Malouf and Partners for the way my case was handled. Right from the beginning you showed great understanding, respect and support, it was a very stressful time for us and with the efficient and professional way that you handled my claim you gave us comfort and the confidence needed, I felt secure in your judgement. You kept me in touch with all the developments in my case and went above and beyond to provide support and advice which led to a satisfactory result. I have no hesitation in recommending Gerard Malouf and Partners to anyone that is in need of an excellent compensation lawyer.


I would just like to say how happy I am with Geirge Cham from Blacktown, I injured my right wrist years ago at work and was told I could not do anything. Then I met George from day one he took over and made evrything easy and possible. I could not belive how much Gerrad Malouf and Partners took the time to listen and care for my situation. Thank you so much and would recommed your firm to any one with a personel injury.

Angela M

“I would like to say the attention and professionalism by David Cossalter who for 3 years conducted my case was outstanding a total gentlemen in every way, he is an absolute credit to your business. I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone. I thank him for the success with my case.”

Elizabeth of Tasmania

“Visiting Sydney from my home in Tasmania proved to be a very lonely place after i was involved in a head on car accident. I needed to be represented legally by a Sydney firm as Tasmanian motor vehicle accident laws are different to NSW. Vrege and his team kept me consistently updated with what was going on in a clear and precise manner culminating with the recovery of all that can be claimed under the motor accidents compensation act in relation to my injuries. The settlement will go a long way to getting my life back on track. Their professionalism and compassion far exceeded my expectations. “

J Curtis of Parramatta

“I would like to write a letter to you to inform you of what a great man you have working for you. The gentleman is Sasha Petrovski, who was responsible for getting a great result for my son through mediation in Sydney. Sasha was very helpful to us from the first day we met him. Nothing was too much trouble for him, even taking Emails and phone calls on the weekend in his own time as well as at night. Sasha kept us informed all the way through the process and he was willing to travel to this area if we couldn’t make it to Sydney. As I have been a previous Manager, may I suggest that you put a leg rope on Sasha and don’t let him leave your firm, not that I think he would. Again a great big thank you to Sasha and your firm from my wife Barbara and myself.”

Client Name: Antony L of Sydney

“Dear Reg. My apologies for the delay in sending you this short note of thanks for the handling of my case over the last few years. I found that the services offered by Gerard Malouf , and in particular yourself, was excellent. Kind regards and best wishes for the future.”

Client Name: Jason

“By chance I walked in the Blacktown office of Gerard Malouf and Partners and it changed my life for the better. I’m so grateful I found Gerard Malouf and Partners and will always recommend you to everyone I can.”

Client Name: Chrystal

“Hi Garbis. I just wanted to take some time to thank you for all the hard work you put into my case. Your guidance, help and understanding during this difficult time has been invaluable. I really appreciate all the effort you have put into my case. You have made this experience a lot easier for me, you were able to communicate all of the legal jargon to me in way that I could understand. You are very easy to talk you and i felt you always kept me well infomed throughout the process. I can’t thank you enough for the work you have put in and the help you have given me.”

Client name: M.K.

“I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to all my family and friends based on the professional and kind service of your staff. Amanda’s kind and friendly personality making me feel at ease in an unsettling time and her reassurance and professional manner was greatly appreciated”. 1/3/10.

Client name: F.F.

“After a bad situation, I was glad to have GMP, especially Amanda on my case. She was always courteous, helpful, extremely knowledgeable and competent. She needs to be cloned! She is worth her weight in gold and I am glad I had her on my side. I’m glad I picked the right firm and was given Amanda to support me and get the best outcome she could for me. I am really thankful.” 10/3/10.

From Ange of Sydney

“I was completely ecstatic with my legal team provided to me by Gerard Malouf and Partners. My legal team comprised of my instructing solicitor Mrs Lana Ventsov, and my delightful barristers Mr Barry Hall QC and barrister David Elliot. I was nervous at all times, but they made me feel very important and most of all, they gave me the courage to continue along in my pursuit to win my case, especially when no one believed in me. They picked me up and gave me the confidence I needed to excel and be strong.

I remember it like yesterday, when we came out of the Supreme Court, the final hearing. It was like an audience; people approached me and patted me, telling me I’m a strong lady. After a few weeks, we found out we won! It was absolutely wonderful.

I was extremely pleased with my team. My instructing solicitor Lana was just delightful. I would love to email her occasionally and keep in touch with her. Mr Gerard Malouf, an exceptionally nice man. I have known him since he was a young boy pursuing his education. I was just astonished when he was the man I first met. I was extremely comfortable with him since the day I first walked in his door. He always reassured me letting me know things would be ok.

I have nothing but praise for Gerard Malouf and his team, who in turn became my team. A job well done!”

From Mrs C of Sydney

“I was extremely satisfied with the service given at Gerard Malouf and Partners.

Since the opening of my file, I physically only needed to consult once with Mr Mathew Goold, solicitor, who was very efficient and obtained my initial instructions. I did not need to pop in all the time to consult with my solicitors. Everything was done over the phone. The processing went very smoothly, I was happy with it all.

I was particularly happy with my solicitor Christine Beshay and her legal clerk Amanda, who worked well as a team, keeping the communication lines open. Christine ensured to keep the matter well on track and possessed a sound knowledge of the law. My queries were always resolved. Amanda returned my calls at all times and updated me on the progress of the matter as the days went on. She was really friendly and helpful.”

From Paul of NSW

“What can I say but ‘great’! I was just very pleased with my journey at Gerard Malouf & Partners, from start to finish. My managing solicitor, Mr Vrege Kolokossian, was not only very friendly, but also very good at understanding me. I thought this was very important. He kept me informed on the progress of my matter at all times, and always made sure to explain the whole process. I was never left in the dark.

What I particularly liked was the communication process with the firm. Over the past 18 months or so, when I left messages with the receptionist, I was telephoned back every time. I also met with Vrege on several occasions in conference and he acted on my instructions without fail. The contact was very pleasing.”

From Susan of NSW

“Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful work that Reg did on behalf of my daughter. Without his wonderful assistance and patiene I am not sure that my daughter would have gone through with the whole ordeal. Reg is certainly a dedicated and professional person whom we would have no hesitation in recommending otther that may well find them selves in a similar situation to my daughter.Many thanks Regs from both of us.”

From Liz of NSW

“I was very happy with my solicitor, Ms Christine Beshay and her secretary, Ms Lorraine Young. The two ensured that the communication line was always open. I had continual conferences with

Christine. They always called me back when I left messages and backed each other up. In that regard, I thought they worked really well as a team.
Christine and Lorraine were both very friendly, and Christine in particular was extremely supportive, which I liked. My matter was settled within a 3 year period, which I thought was reasonable. Other matters similar to mine take longer.

In the end, I was very pleased with the service provided by Gerard Malouf and Partners as a whole.”

Michael Bingham of NSW

“The services provided by Gerad malouf and Partners in attempting to obtain adequate and sufficient compensation for the damages incurred was top notch, excellent and absolutely outstanding.

I would like to express my gratitude to Gerard Malouf and Partners and in particular my acting solicitor Ms Julie Baqleh who made sure my claim progressed at a rapid rate and within a proficient manner.

It isn’t just the professional relationship that matters, however the personal human connection the solicitors at Gerad Malouf and partners encompass and offer. That connection not only reassures the client however makes them feel like all parties involved in the proceeding are acting towards a fundamental goal (achieving justice for the client). When you are with Gerard Malouf and Partners you know that the client comes first it isn’t some marketing line used!!!

I would also like to personally thank the services of Mr Gerard Malouf. Even though Mr Malouf is the owner of a considerably busy firm, he always had time to reassure and answer any particulars with reference to my claim including answering my emails or directing the query to someone within the firm who would have the capacity to adequately deal with the problem at hand.

Both management and solicitors alike understand what clients want and give it to them in the most productive and cost efficient manner possible.”

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