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No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers

A No Win No Fee Lawyer will only charge you a fee for providing you with legal services if your claim is successful. * At Gerard Malouf and Partners No Win No Fee Lawyers, we’re able to work on this basis because we have confidence in the advice we provide.

Many people are unaware of their rights. Others think that making a claim would be too costly or too daunting. By consulting our No Win No Fee Solicitors, you can explore the option of pursuing a legal claim without incurring any upfront expenses.

Making a claim

Often we chat to potential clients over the phone in the first instance. We’re not here to run every case and we’re quite happy to take the time to give you some initial advice. If you feel you have a claim, please contact us to arrange a free consultation.

What if I don’t go ahead – will you charge me?

No, that’s why we’re No Win No Fee Lawyers. Your first consultation is free and if you decide not to proceed with the claim, there is no charge.

Do you take on any case you’re offered?

No. If we think the chances of a successful claim are low, we’ll say so.

What about costs?

We will cover all upfront fees, such as your medical reports, barrister’s advice, expert witness reports and court filing fees. These costs are then deducted from any settlement you receive, along with our fees.

Our fees

If you don’t win, we won’t charge you anything for our work. If you do win, under Australian law we can’t charge you a percentage of the settlement. We can only charge you by the hour for our time. However, we can give you an estimate as a percentage of the settlement you receive. The bigger the case, the smaller the percentage of your payout our fees will represent.

In thousands of matters, we have only encountered a handful of complaints about our fees – less than 0.1% of all cases. We state in writing in our costs agreement that we will reduce our fees if you are unhappy and there is a reasonable basis. We don’t know any other No Win No Fee Solicitors who are prepared to do this.

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Gerard Malouf & Partners No Win No Fee Lawyers have offices throughout Sydney, Country NSW, Brisbane, Queensland, Victoria & the ACT.

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