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No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you or someone you know experienced a personal injury but afraid to seek legal assistance because of the potential cost? Gerard Malouf & Partners lawyers are here to soothe your fears, extend no-obligation advice and assure you that no expenses or fees will be paid ahead of winning your case. 

We offer aggressive representation with proven success you can count on.

Why we are a No Win No Fee compensation law firm

Dealing with a physical injury — especially when it was due to someone else’s negligence — is hard enough. We recognise that an injury could lead to days, weeks or even months off of work and the victim is often confronted with mounting bills they can’t begin to address. 

At the same time, many people are unaware of their rights. Others think that making a claim would be too costly or too daunting. By consulting our No Win No Fee solicitors, you can explore the option of pursuing a legal claim without incurring any upfront expenses.

This type of legal agreement is called a conditional fee agreement where there are no hidden clauses or charges, every part of the payment is discussed long before any exchanges. This policy covers any costs incurred while the claim is in motion, including court fees or medical reports. 

If we are, on the rare occasion, not successful, the victim will not need to pay a contingency fee for our work together. 

Up-front legal fees should not stop you from getting the compensation and justice you deserve after an incident. That’s what makes us a No Win No Fee law firm.

How it works

A No Win No Fee Lawyer will only charge you a fee for providing you with legal services if your claim is successful. At Gerard Malouf and Partners No Win No Fee Lawyers, we’re able to work on this basis because we have confidence in the advice we provide.

How to make a claim

Every claim we work with starts with an event that results in a personal injury, family law dispute or superannuation dispute. We function in a variety of legal spaces such as:

  • Public liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Institutional child abuse
  • Dust disease, mesothelioma and asbestos
  • Contesting a will 
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Product liability
  • Travel accident compensation
  • Professional negligence

If you’ve suffered any of the aforementioned personal injuries, or other nuanced personal injuries, you are entitled to compensation. After the injury, you should gather documentation so that when you come to us, you have all the information we need to determine your case. This can also cut down on time getting your claim started. 

From there, our law professionals will dig into the particulars of your case, understand the details of the situation and work against the statutes of limitations to get your claim started as soon as possible. 

Do you work with every case?

Often we chat to potential clients over the phone upon our first encounter with the case. We’re not here to take on every case, but we’re quite happy to take the time to give you some initial advice. This advice is free and can give you an idea of what you may be facing if you decide to move forward with the legal matter.

However, if it seems as though the chances of a successful case are low, we will decline to work with the client. There will be no cost to the client for the consultation whether we decline or the client decides not to move forward. 

What about costs?

We will cover all upfront fees, such as your medical reports, barrister’s advice, expert witness reports and court filing fees. These costs are then deducted from any settlement you receive, along with our legal fee. Working with a lawyer is the best way to earn the most compensation and see a successful outcome. 

We can help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses, a long road of debt and an unfair settlement. 

You shouldn’t have to stress about how you will pay for the consequences of an event you didn’t cause or had no way of avoiding.

Fees you should expect

If you don’t win, we won’t charge you anything for our work — that is the basis of our law firm. 

If you do win, under Australian law, we can’t charge you a percentage of the settlement. We can only charge you by the hour for our time. However, we can give you an estimate as a percentage of the settlement you receive. The bigger the case, the smaller the percentage of your payout our fees will represent.

We are built to serve our community. Our policies are clearly laid out, and we will go over all of the details, any questions and concerns you may have right away before signing any paperwork or moving forward. 

If I win, what will my bill include?

Compensation fees vary across Australia, but generally, how we can charge for our time is highly regulated. A more in-depth breakdown of the costs you can expect can be found in our guide to legal costs for a compensation claim. This page will explain the terminology you may encounter as you look over our fee agreement, and case-specific details you should be aware of.

There are two main costs that are usually associated with compensation claims through Gerard Malouf & Partners:

  • Disbursements: This includes gathering information such as medical records, administrative expenses, inspections and court fees — the typical fees it takes to uncover the details to build your case. 
  • Professional fees: This is the cost of our time and professional effort for you.

Many of these fees could even be paid for you by the defendant in court known as party costs. Party costs occur when the losing party must pay the legal costs. These costs are generally less than the legal/solicitor costs.

What happens if I’m unhappy about the service?

In thousands of matters, we have only encountered a handful of complaints about our fees – less than 0.1% of all cases. We state in our fee policy in our costs agreement that we will reduce our fee arrangement if you are unhappy and there is a reasonable basis. 

We don’t know any other No Win No Fee Solicitors who are prepared to do this.

Take the next step

We know there are a lot of options ahead of you as you look toward sorting your legal matters with a professional. However, we know we have the expertise and experience you’re looking for at no up-front cost to you. Even if we’ve worked together before, our no win, no fee policy still applies. 

Gerard Malouf & Partners is a Leading Australian No Win No Fee Law Firm with offices throughout Sydney, Country NSW, Brisbane, Queensland, Victoria & the ACT. Specialised in maximising the compensation results from your legal claim.

Reach out to us today for a consultation and get started earning the compensation you deserve. 

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