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Some of our successful legal cases

Medical negligence resulting in cerebral palsy: What to do

Cerebral palsy is often caused by accidents during live childbirth and could be linked to medical malpractice. The disorder could come from two types of brain damage. The first possible cause is a malformation in the brain during pregnancy, typically from a genetic disorder, faulty blood supply to the brain or chromosome abnormalities. The second type occurs more frequently and

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Insurers to pay for the contractor’s surgery on his right knee.

Case Overview Our client is a self-employed contractor who suffered an injury to his right knee on-site and received compensation. A few years later, he had another accident on the job, but the new insured denied liability stating that the accident resulted from the previous accident. With our strong representation, our client received compensation from both insurers. Our client is

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Gas heater explosion in a pub leaves the client with facial burns

Case Overview Our client was a young man who went to meet his mates at a pub in winter. They were in the outdoor area of the pub. Our client suffered significant burns when a staff member tried to gas the heater in the outdoor area. We were able to help our client secure compensation to deal with the psychological

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Man Receives $425,000 in Compensation Following Injury to His Right Leg

Case Overview Our client attended a hospital complaining of back pain and right leg symptoms but was misdiagnosed and discharged home. Later he crashed his car and lost sensation in his foot and was diagnosed with right foot drop and peroneal nerve palsy. He contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners, seeking help in this unfortunate situation and our team helped him

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Rental Inspection Leaves Client with Fractures and Torn Muscles

Case Overview Our client had recently moved into a rented property where she fell over a 70cm gap leading to tears to her ligamentous muscles and fractures The agent and the property owner had not informed her about the gap that led to the fall.  We helped our client prove that had the agent and property owner informed her about

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