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Woman receives $3,450,000 after hospital delayed treatment of spinal condition

Case Overview Following an accident and delayed treatment from a rural hospital, our client became paraplegic. Our lawyers brought in experts to review our client’s injury and determine the cause. After negotiations, we settled for over $3 Million in Compensation. This matter involved the conduct of a rural hospital in NSW. Our client presented with severe back pain following an

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Woman receives $500,000 for failure to treat dissected artery

Case Overview A major hospital neglected to provide adequate treatment for our client following a stroke. We worked with medical experts to identify that the hospital delivered inconsistent treatment with peer professional standards. Our lawyers we able to settle this case for $500,000 compensation. This matter involved the conduct of a major hospital. Our client presented with symptoms that were

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Gerard Malouf and Partners takes matters other firms are afraid to run

Case Overview Our client was injured in a fall in July 2018 whilst visiting a local store. Our client was represented by another personal injury law firm who after investigations advised that they were no longer able to assist her as she had little prospects of success. The client approached Gerard Malouf and Partners and we advised we would undertake

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Woman receives $80,000 for tripping in her Backyard

Case Overview An uncovered stump in our clients rental garden caused her to trip and fall despite raising complaints with the property manager. An expert liability report was obtained from a senior Arborist who concluded that with the likely cost of the stump removal being under $250 or other control measures put in place, the trip hazard could have been

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$750,000 settlement for Psychological Injury due to negligent treatment

Case Overview Our patient suffered leg pain during a game, resultant tests recommended a total knee replacement. A dose of enoxaparin was not administered despite the patient’s medical history recording a risk of venous thromboembolism. Gerard Malouf & Partners was approached by the family to investigate the possibility of negligence on the part of the hospital to take further precautions

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$6,500,000 Settlement Accepted By Parents Following Failings In Monitoring Pregnancy

Case Overview Our client experienced multiple failures in monitoring the progress of her pregancy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam scelerisque risus faucibus velit ultrices. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam scelerisque risus faucibus velit ultrices. It is expected that Australian medical practitioners will provide a level of care commensurate to its status as

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