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Gerard Malouf & Partners Supports Safety on Our Shores

As a leading personal injury law firm in Australia, Gerard Malouf & Partners is committed to supporting communities and the not-for-profits that serve those communities. We have 25 offices across Australia in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. For years, our firm has given generously to organisations that safeguard our beaches through service, education and sport in the surf.

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Can you sue a hospital for a traumatic birthing experience?

Childbirth, however beautiful, can be a chaotic and sometimes even traumatic experience. There is any number of issues that may arise that no one would expect, no matter how advanced the technology leading up to and during the birth. Sometimes these issues are the fault of the medical staff involved in the birth of your baby. If you believe your

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Damages recovery in a bike accident claim

Riding your bike is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. For many, it’s a joy to spend the day feeling the wind rush past you as you ride along. If you’re travelling around on a bicycle, this is also an excellent form of exercise you can look forward to, or your motorcycle community

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Got into a motor vehicle accident? Understand your compensation payouts

Although road accidents are slowly declining, that doesn’t mean that the liklihood of getting into a car crash is as well. Budget Direct found that of the 100,000 registered drivers in Australia, 64% of them were involved in a car accident — no matter if they were driving or not — at some point in their lifetime. Depending on how

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How much can I sue for emotional distress?

It’s common to feel stress before or after a big event. Most stressful feelings will resolve themselves over time or after the event is over. However, sometimes the event can have a significant impact on someone’s mental health, plaguing them with long-lasting feelings of suffering and distress.    Emotional distress can come from many different places. Mental suffering is one

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