Elder Abuse Claims

Elder abuse can come in many forms for people older than 65 years particularly those that are incapacitated physically or mentally and placed in a residential care facility or looked after by family members. The different forms of abuse include:

  • Financial,
  • Physical covering general neglect resulting in bedsores, deteriorating health loss of weight and general damage to extremities,
  • Excessive physical restraints, verbal and psychological abuse with,
  • Inappropriate administration of drugs to restrain and confuse the victim to reduce their direct need for attention,
  • General failure to provide appropriate surveillance to ensure the safety health and well-being of the elder person.
  • Sexual.

Elder / aged people may be abused not only by aged care facility staff but by family members who may take a mercenary and vindictive approach to health management of elderly parents or family members that are infirmed or have a disability for whom they have a responsibility.

Often because of the abuse the elderly person suffers psychological injury such as anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness and increased chances of developing dementia and suicidal tendencies. Additionally they often also suffer from numerous physical ailments including bedsores, deterioration in general health exhibited by diabetes, heart conditions, pneumonia, weight loss, escalation of pre-existing health problems due to failure to be administered appropriate medications and a general failure to be provided with appropriate regular medical treatment. Often the neglected and abused person exhibits physical injuries such as broken bones to the cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar regions and limbs due to a slip and fall. All the above complications are due to aged person not being provided with appropriate support and supervision.

Such abuse can be reported by responsible friends and family members as well as the victim to the health care complaints commission in New South Wales Wales, HCCC, or by contacting the Aged Care complaints investigation scheme care of the Department of Health and ageing free call 1800 550 552.

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