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Dental Malpractice Lawyer


Dental Negligence

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, our team of medical negligence lawyers have significant experience managing Dental Malpractice cases.

A dental negligence lawyer will help you achieve maximum justice and dental negligence compensation in the minimum time with the added bonus of ensuring that our cost agreements are simple and biased in your favour. 

Gerard Malouf & Partners can cover all medical expenses and disbursements for medical reports up-front, provide a 90 day risk-free guarantee trial of our expert legal services and offer at the conclusion of a matter to reduce our professional fees if you are genuinely dissatisfied.

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What does Dental Negligence include?

When looking at a claim for Dental Malpractice, our medical negligence lawyers will investigate your claim with you. 

Usually, our lawyers initially cover the following questions:

  • Did the dentist has acted in accordance with standards that other dentists, not necessarily a majority, would have utilised?
  • Was the patient provided with informed consent and given details of the reasonable risks involved in each procedure?
  • Was the investigation and treatment reasonably necessary?
  • Are the damages sustained by the claimant/ injured person sufficiently serious to justify bringing a complex and expensive medical negligence action?
  • Was the treatment provided causative on the balance of probabilities of the negligence, or is it related to other factors?
  • Did the dentist fail to adequately diagnose and treat a problem that escalated causing significant damage to the injured person?
  • Did the dentist fail to use reasonable skill and care by failing to refer the patient for specialist treatment?
  • Did the dentist delay in treating an obvious problem and thus cause significant aggravation and damage?
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GErard Malouf & Partners

Dental Malpractice Lawyers

Obviously you need an expert dental malpractice lawyer who will engage highly specialised medicolegal dental specialists to comment on the particular facts of a case to assist with investigations regarding the liability of the dentist.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we have run hundreds of cases successfully against dentists over many years and have found significant support being provided by responsible members of the dental profession who are prepared to go up against other defendants and major insurance companies notwithstanding that they are colleagues of the dentists.

You might find it rather strange but based on statistics that have been compiled by the HCCC known as the Health Care Complaints Commission, there are far more claims generally of a minor nature against dentists as compared to medical practitioners.

Unfortunately, we often can’t help a lot of people with genuine cases against dentists because of the extensive costs associated with litigation however we will endeavour to do our best every time by giving complimentary advice to a new client about the best avenue to take whether it be trying to negotiate a result directly with the dentist in question, or initiate formal legal proceedings where the claim is sufficiently large or refer the matter to the health care complaints commission for investigation.

All dentists must have up-to-date professional indemnity insurance and accordingly can be sued even if the dentist has no personal assets or becomes bankrupt.

Areas of dental negligence Gerard Malouf and partners can handle on your behalf include the following:

  • Problems with dental implants involving cosmetic issues, infection, failed bone grafts, substandard quality implants, failure to warn of complications;
  • Cosmetic dentistry issues – often dentists advertise incredible results and in reality the patient is dissatisfied with their cosmetic appearance due to changes in their jawline or problems with eating and speaking, burns to the exterior of the face nerve damage;
  • Nerve damage can be caused due to excessive force, failure to insert instruments in the correct location et cetera;
  • Periodontal disease and restorative dentistry – dentists may fail to adequately assess and diagnose treatment that should be provided within a reasonable time frame and due to neglect and delay the dental problem is exacerbated resulting in gum disease tooth loss jaw damage with associated problems eating speaking drinking.

Our speciality is achieving the maximum possible justice for your claim. Phone us now on 1800 004 878 to book your free consultation to discuss your dental negligence case with a our team.

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