Man Receives $405,000 in Compensation After an Unnecessary Surgery

Case Overview Our client was in his early 50s when he underwent a colonoscopy which found some pre-cancerous polyps and was recommended a hemicolectomy for it. He was diagnosed with an infection at the operation site 10 days later and suffered from septicaemia and required further surgery. GMP was able to settle his matter out […]

Club Ordered To Pay Member $170K Compensation for Slippery

Case Overview One evening as our client was leaving the club, she had to cross a painted pedestrian crossing area to get to her car. She lost her balance and fell onto the unyielding service of the pavement carpark and suffered a serious injury. GMP helped her get $170,000 in compensation for her permanent injuries […]

Family Gets $425K Compensation After Father’s Death Due to Medical Negligence

Case Overview A husband/father died hours after being discharged from the Emergency Department. It was alleged on behalf of the family that the hospital was negligent in failing to properly understand testing results and discharging the young father. GMP was able to settle the claim against the major teaching hospital in NSW, for damages in […]

Why you may need a lawyer for sexual harassment at work

You get along really well with your co-workers, but there’s one team member who leers at you when you walk by in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. You’ve talked to them about it, and they still don’t seem to understand that it’s inappropriate. Then one day, they make an inappropriate pass at you […]

Family Compensated $500,000 After Losing Their Daughter Due to Negligence

Case Overview In 2018, a young girl presented to her local GP clinic complaining of a red lump on her left lateral buttock when a skin infection diagnosis was made. She was transferred to a hospital in Sydney as her condition deteriorated, but sadly she passed away a few weeks later. GMP were able to […]

Woman Compensated $165K for Botched Plastic Surgery From Cosmetic Clinic

Case Overview In 2018, our client attended the Clinic with concerns about a double chin and underwent a VASER liposuction procedure. Our client immediately noted that she had a lumpy and uneven appearance and was prescribed PRP treatment resulted in worse scarring. GMP was able to secure our client a settlement of $165,000 at mediation. […]

Can I sue a hospital for negligence?

You expect a medical institution to give its best effort no matter the circumstance to you or a loved one. In the case where they don’t, we are here to support you and help answer the question: Can I sue a hospital for negligence? Injuries sustained at a hospital, doctor’s office or any other medical […]

IT Student Compensated $800,000 in Motor Accident Claim Following Injury

Case Overview Our client was an IT student working as a food delivery driver through various phone apps. He was injured in a motor accident and sustained serious injuries to his left knee which required significant treatment and surgery which limited his mobility and endurance. Based on GMP representations, the CTP insurer offered $800k compensation […]

Patient Gets $275K After Suffering Blood Clot Condition Following Surgery

Case Overview Our client underwent bilateral knee replacement surgery and subsequently received rehabilitation at two private hospitals in the Sydney region. It was later found that our client was suffering from a rare blood clotting disorder which is induced by the anti-clotting drug she was being administered. GMP in this medical negligence claim helped her […]

Couple Compensated $230K for the Psychiatric Injuries After a Stillborn Birth

Case Overview The couple was looking forward to the birth of their second child. Due to medical negligence, a stillborn birth occurred that would have been avoided if the baby had been delivered sooner. GMP helped the couple get compensation of $230,000 for their ongoing anguish. An expected birth of a child is meant to […]