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Can I claim compensation if I’m injured on a public bus?

Catching a bus around NSW is one of the most popular forms of transport. In fact, in Sydney alone, there are over 220 million individual trips across the city each year, according to the NSW government.

Of course, as the state population continues to grow, the number of buses increases, as do passenger numbers. Couple this with more trucks, private vehicles and other road users, and the possibility of a road accident dramatically escalates.

In a similar fashion, if you were involved in an accident in or with a private vehicle, you are eligible for compensation under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act of New South Wales for public transport accidents. This can include all state transit buses, long distance coaches, tourist coaches and light rail.

What is deemed a public transport accident?

It is a common misconception that, to be eligible for compensation, you actually have to be travelling on the bus, coach or train. However, injuries suffered from being hit or run over by a public transport vehicle are all covered under the legislation.

The Motor Accidents Compensation Act can provide financial relief for myriad injuries suffered in connection to public transport. As such, a compensation lawyer can determine the validity of your case and ensure you have the best chance of reimbursement.

How do I report a public transport injury case?

Moving through the right channels is a critical consideration and could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful case. Once the case is lodged with police within 28 days, victims are urged to contact a compensation lawyer for more information about establishing a solid case.

In these types of cases, there is often an argument around who is at fault for the accident. As such, your case will need evidence from either witnesses on the transport itself or those in the community who saw the accident. Creating a strong public transport injury compensation case starts with the question of who or what caused the incident.

What type of compensation is available?

Regardless of whether you are encountering high medical expenses, rehabilitation costs or hospital bills, the team at Gerard Malouf and Partners are here to help. We can help cover these expenses as well as seek lump sum compensation for pain and suffering, loss of expectation, disfigurement, loss of wages and future economic losses.

If you have suffered an injury in relation to public transport in NSW, feel free to reach out to our specialist team today.

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