What are my options if a workers’ compensation claim is rejected?

Workers’ compensation offers invaluable financial support for those who are injured or become ill during the course of their employment. When everything runs smoothly, claimants receive the money they need for various expenses to cover day-to-day costs and rehabilitation efforts, if necessary. For serious injuries or illnesses, insurers may even pay out a lump sum […]

Lady compensated $155,000 following a slip and fall at a fruit and vegetable shop

Case Overview Our client slips and fell when she stepped on grapes on the floor at her local shopping centre whilst purchasing groceries. The team at Gerard Malouf took on the case, performing a site review of the location, analysing the incident, gathering strong liability evidence and getting our client assessed by an orthopaedic surgeon […]

TPD Claim Admitted for Former Labourer After Car Accident

Case Overview Our client, a 46-year-old was last officially employed as a Labourer. He was a passenger in a motor vehicle that was involved in a collision. Our client was left in a state of shock following the accident and attended upon a general practitioner about pain in his right leg and low back. Following […]

Eastern suburbs pedestrian hit by bus while crossing the road awarded over $300,000

Case Overview Our client, a middle-aged Eastern suburbs woman was hit by bus while crossing the road. She later recorded a high blood alcohol level and was found guilty by police. GMP assisted our client in overcoming two major issues in this matter: seeking proof from our client’s employers to evidence her earnings and allow […]

Settlement of $90,000 for patient after GP fails to treat hay fever with due care and skill

Case Overview In this matter, our client consulted with her general practitioner for treatment of her hay fever. Our client’s general practitioner proceeded to treat her hay fever by administering a corticosteroid injection. The injection was performed contrary to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the drug, and as a result, our client suffered necrosis […]