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Compensation For Cruise Ship Accidents


When cruises go wrong

We all know that cruise holidays booked in Australia for both local and overseas destinations have exponentially increased to the point where over 1.2 million people annually use cruising as a form of not only travel but a complete holiday. 

The most popular cruise areas cover the Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Asia and South America as well as more recently riverboat cruising throughout Europe’s internal waterways such as central France, Germany and Austria.

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Sadly, many accidents causing significant injuries whilst cruising occur to many Australians yearly but often injured travellers are not aware of compensation for personal injury available to them even though the accident occurred outside mainland Australia and in a foreign country such as the United States, France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore or more often than not on the high seas outside the territorial water limit for Australia. 

We at Gerard Malouf and Partners can help you to understand your right to making a cruise ship accident compensation claim.


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When a person purchases a cruise ticket or for that matter any form of travel ticket there is an obligation implicit under Australian law that the holiday and travel included is fit for purpose and safe. Many types of different accidents occur whilst cruising including:

  • slip and fall
  • product liability
  • injuries due to unsafe public and private thoroughfares within the ship
  • unsafe boarding and disembarkation systems
  • poor cleaning systems resulting in slippery and unsafe walk areas
  • poorly designed furniture and fixtures including stairwells all contributing to potential accidents and injuries.

As a consequence, a traveller may sustain serious damage to the spine including neck, back and hip injuries, broken limbs as well as significant pain and suffering, wage loss and incurrence of very expensive medical expenses and home care needs that are not normally covered by Medicare.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we have proven expertise running over 35,000 compensation claims winning many billions of dollars’ worth of compensation. We are well versed in cruise ship accident claims and will help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

We have successfully run hundreds of travel and holiday accident claims that have caused serious injury. We are aware of the applicable law for overseas destinations where the accident occurred and can advise whether the resulting damages may be claimed under Australian law against the cruise line, the travel agent, travel insurance applicable and/or the particular foreign country under their laws as to which opportunity presents the best result for our client.

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