Over $600,000 in compensation to a man injured in a motorbike accident

PUBLISHED 13 May 2016

Our client was travelling through a round-a-bout on his motorbike when he was suddenly hit by a car entering the round-a-bout. As a result of the collision our client was knocked from his motorbike and sustained an injury to his knee. As a result of the injury our client made contact with Gerard Malouf & Partners to enquire about making a claim for compensation for the injuries he had sustained in the motor vehicle accident.

Gerard Malouf & Partners assisted our client in completing a personal injury claim form and submitting it with the CTP insurer of the vehicle at fault. Our experienced compensation lawyers then assisted our client in obtaining appropriate treatment for his injuries which eventually lead to a number of surgeries, subsequent physiotherapy and attendance at a pain clinic.

After a few weeks off work our client attempted to return to his pre-injury duties however found this growingly difficult due to his injuries. Approximately three months after the accident our client was dismissed from his employment with his employer claiming that our client had acted inappropriately and this was the reason for his dismissal. Our client was of the opinion the dismissal was because he was unable to continue with his pre-injury work as a result of the accident. Our experienced compensation lawyers were able to obtain evidence in support of our client’s claim regarding the loss of his job.

Our client was able to eventually find employment more suitable to his injuries, however this employment was in a lower paid role than that which he was performing prior to the motorbike accident. Evidence was obtained by our motor accident compensation lawyers to support a claim for our client’s ongoing loss of earnings as a result of taking on a lower paid job and his future insecurity in the open labour market.

Once all evidence was obtained and provided to the CTP insurer Gerard Malouf & Partners attempted to settle the claim for compensation directly with the CTP Insurer. The CTP insurer refused to make an offer in excess of $300,000. It was the advice of our specialist compensation lawyers that $300,000 was an insufficient amount of compensation taking into account our client’s injuries and the impact they had on his earning abilities. As such, with our client’s instructions his case was put forth for assessment at the Claims Assessment Resolution Services. The Assessor heard our client’s case as presented by our personal injury compensation specialists. A determination was made in favour of our client whereby he received an award of in excess of $600,000 for compensation and legal costs.

The compensation awarded has taken a huge financial pressure off our client allowing him to purchase a home and put funds aside to plan for his future.

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