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What is the average duration of a TPD claim?

How long does a TPD claim take?

Total permanent disability (TPD) is a severe condition that comes with a variety of challenges, filing a TPD claim being one of them. You may not know where to start and what to include in your claim, but don’t worry, a TPD lawyer can make the process more straightforward and easier to wrap your head around.

How long can you typically expect to wait for a decision after making a TPD claim? And what does a TPB claim process look like? These are some of the questions that could be clogging your mind, and within this article, we’ll go through the answers. We know that the TPD claim process can seem overwhelming and daunting, but with lawyers, you are one step closer to getting the TPD payout you deserve. 

What a TPD claim is

TPD is a classification for an individual who can not work due to serious injuries or illness, and who will never be able to work in the same capacity as before. This classification is important to know when filing your claim, as the payout amounts differ depending on if your disability is temporary or permanent. To qualify for TPD, you must be expected to be away from work for more than a year.

There are two kinds of disability status: ‘any-occupation’ and ‘own occupation’ disability.

  • ‘Any’ occupation TPD policy only gives coverage if you are unable to work in a job suitable for you based on education, experience, and age. For this policy, it is not enough to prove that you could not go back to your own job. 
  • ‘Own’ occupation TPD policy gives coverage if you cannot go back to the job you had before the injury. Because you only need to prove that you can not return to your own occupation, it is far easier to claim.

A TPD benefit is normally available through a superannuation fund, which also covers death and income protection. To get the most out of your compensation claim, you must first understand what your individual super fund will help you cover. If you are unsure, it’s important to have a conversation with an insurance professional. The TPD insurance benefit provided by the superannuation fund can help you pay for any related medical costs, both current and future. In addition, the super fund can help supplement your source of income and help increase your quality of life. 

In order to file a successful TPD claim or even multiple TPD claims, that accurately reflect your situation, you may need professional assistance. A legal representative can for instance help determine whether you fit into the requirements to receive a superannuation claim. 

Requirements to file a claim

The requirements to file a TPD claim vary depending on each particular insurer or superannuation fund, as well as the state. Again, this is why it is important to be educated on your individual coverage. You may still be reeling from the accident and a third party that is not emotionally invested in your circumstances can help you decipher your qualification status.

Despite the variation, there are some general requirements that can help give you an idea of where you stand in regards to filing a successful claim. Knowing your personal qualification status can help make the claim process quicker. Here are some of the most common criteria that should be considered:

    • Employment history: It is common for insurers to require a certain work history to qualify. For example, the claimant must prove a minimum of 12 months of consistent work history. 
    • Disability level: This is one of the most important qualifications. You must prove that you are unable to return to work in the same capacity as before. The insurance company will also consider whether there is a possibility that you will be able to return to work in the future. 
    • Medication condition: When assessing your claim, life insurance companies will look at your ability to perform daily tasks. Insurance providers will likely also require a medical professional’s opinion to determine the medical condition. 
  • Superannuation cover: It is important to know what is covered in your superannuation. Specifically, because of the difference between ‘any-occupation’ and ‘own occupation’ disability.

Claim process 

After ensuring that you qualify for TPD cover, the first step is to complete a claim form, which will be different for every insurance company. Generelly, the form will request that you include statements that help prove the severity and truth of the claim. 

Some possible statement examples include ones from your previous employer and your treating physician. A lawyer can help ensure that the statement is formatted correctly and put together in a beneficial manner. Following the instructions provided will help make sure that the claim is filed correctly and the resolving process goes smoothly. 

After the claim is filed, it is reviewed for accuracy and evaluated to see how much you can receive based on the information provided. From there, your claim will either be accepted or denied. 

How long does a claim take?

Before you can file a TPD claim, it is common that you need to be off work for a predetermined amount of time, called a waiting period. While the exact amount is different according to each situation, it’s normally about three to six months. A legal professional might be able to get the waiting period waived in some circumstances. After this amount of time, it is helpful to file the claim as soon as possible. 

If you follow all instructions and provide correct supporting medical evidence, the process can be relatively quick. It is common for insurers to resolve the claim within two to three months of receiving the relevant forms and documentation from medical practitioners in the case that nothing is wrong with the information. However, we have seen cases where the settlement was reached within one month of its lodgement

If there are papers, statements or other documents missing from the TPD insurance claim, the time to receive compensation can be significantly increased. In a situation where you do not have a source of income, time is of the essence. Even a few weeks can make a big difference, so it is important to ensure that your claim is filed correctly the first time around. It is likely that you have never had to file an insurance claim like this before, so professional help is a valuable tool in filing a TPD claim successfully. 

During a time when you have no income, you may be concerned about the fees associated with filing a claim. The fees are different for every law firm. However, if you work with Gerard Malouf & Partners, not only will you have the support of a qualified TPD lawyer, you won’t be charged until we win compensation for your permanent disability claim.

Important things to note about filing a TPD claim

When filing a TPD claim, a mistake could not only cost you precious time, but also potentially affect your compensation amount. A TPD lawyer can make a big difference and help guide you through the process. 

As someone who has gone through a life-altering situation, a helping hand may be just what you need in your time of distress. As you work on healing and adjusting to your new lifestyle, a legal professional can take the reins and ensure that you are getting the compensation you deserve. If you are interested in learning more about TPD claims, Gerard Malouf Partners can help. Contact us for no-obligation legal advice about your claim.

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