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Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation & Medical Lawyers Liverpool

The Liverpool Office of Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation & Medical Lawyers is situated at Level 2, 215-219 George Street and is in a central and prominent location of Liverpool.

Liverpool, is of course the leading area of South Western Sydney and has a population in the extended vicinity of approximately 450,000 people ranging from blue collar to white collar workers involving an office covering Office Workers, Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Minors, Ambulance Officers, Teachers, Nursing, Hospital Staff as well as numerous blue collar workers in the manufacturing Industry.

Liverpool has an excellent public transport service in the immediate vicinity covering carparks, trains, busses and taxis.

The building of Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers Liverpool in George Street is of a modern construction and the Liverpool office services many important Sydney suburbs such as Moorebank, Villawood, Heckenberg, Hoxton Park, Warwickfarm, Mount Prichard, Cabramatta, Fairfield, St John’s Park, Wetherill Park, Smithfield and Lansdowne.

The Liverpool Office is close to the Cumberland and Hume Highway as well as Elizabeth Drive being major arteries throughout South Western Sydney.  The office is close to Liverpool Hospital.

It is interesting to know that Liverpool has 55.5% of the population that was born overseas including 6% Iraq, 4% Indian and 20% Lebanese. Over half of dwellings in Liverpool are apartments, 52% with a high percentage rented.

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