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Slip and fall claims cause Bunnings to alter practices

After several patrons slipped and fell on stray onions in Bunnings, a debate has arisen about whether or not the onion placement on sausages should change.

Here's a look at the slip and fall incidents and the store's plan for change.

Slip and fall claims build

The hardware superstore is known for its sausage sizzle, a charity barbecue that takes place inside the stores. Historically, the onions have been placed on the top of the sausage in the popular barbecue snack. However, the recent injury claims have made Bunnings reconsider its practices for liability reasons.

Multiple sources reported that a nurse recently slipped on an onion while she was shopping in the store, and sustained severe injuries. She's now claiming she will sue Bunnings for these injuries.

Another person, a former boxer, said he slipped and fell on a vegetable on the ground, and it reminded him how quickly a head injury on concrete can cause severe injury to a person. The man, who is 65, received compensation for injuries from the hardware store three years ago after his fall on the slippery onions.

Claims lead to change in practice

Bunnings executives advised the people involved in running the sausage sizzles to change the way the sausage snack is constructed. Now, the greasy onions that have caused such problems will be placed under the sausage on the bread, instead of on top where they can easily fall out onto the floor.

Social media users have been posting their disappointment with this decision, several news sites said. The original onion-on-sausage construction was a favourite among Bunnings shoppers and Australians nationwide. Plus, some critics say, the onions underneath make the bread soggy and unpleasant.

So why are grocery and hardware stores prime places for slip and falls? Grocery stores have long been known as prime culprits for these accidents, since the produce is often uncovered and shoppers aren't necessarily watching out for what's on the floor as they meander. In Bunnings' case, cooking up such greasy vegetables inside the store on hard floors creates a serious hazard.

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