Fatal Car Accident Claims

According to statistics compiled by the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority an average of 400 people are killed on our roads every year.

If a family member or relative has been involved in a fatal car accident it is important that you understand your rights to receive compensation through your fatal car accident claim.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we treat our clients who have family members involved with fatalities, with compassion, understanding and practicality, to ensure that they receive compensation. We understand that complying with time limits and other requirements, to make a claim for compensation is extremely difficult when grieving for your loss. This is why we strongly recommend obtaining legal advice as soon as possible, so that your legal team can handle all of these details expertly and professionally, and you can focus on looking after you and your loved ones during this time.

Our expert legal team will ensure that, the accident is reported to the police within the necessary time and will investigate and obtain the details of the vehicle and driver that caused the accident. We will also commence the claim process by lodging a “Motor Accidents Compensation to Relatives Claim Form”, within six months of the accident to ensure that your compensation entitlements are protected.

Who can make a claim for Relatives Compensation?

Under the Compensation for Relatives Act the following people can make a claim for compensation:

  • The spouse or de facto partner of the deceased;
  • Brothers, sisters, half-brothers and half-sisters of the deceased;
  • Parents of the deceased;
  • Children of the deceased.
What Compensation Can You Receive?
  • Payment of any reasonable expenses of the funeral or cremation as well as the reasonable cost of erective a headstone over the grave
  • Hospital and medical expenses
  • Compensation for a loss of financial support as a result of the death
  • Compensation for any past economic loss on account of the accident
  • Compensation for any loss of services caused by death, such as the care of young children

When considering engaging with a fatal car accident lawyer to assist you in your claim for compensation, it is important to find out the legal costs you will be charged.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we operate on a strict “No Win No Fee” policy, which means that if your claim for fatal car accident compensation is not successful you will not be charged any legal fees.

Gerard Malouf & Partners are not a giant publicly listed law company but a highly specialised and focused firm.

We are small enough to have the privilege of caring intimately for our clients but large enough to have the solid financial, medical and expert resources our client’s need in their successful compensation claims.

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