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Coal workers pneumoconiosis


Compensation claims for lung diseases

Pneumoconiosis is a lung disease caused by high-intensity or long-term inhalation of certain types of dust. It is similar to Silicosis in that it involves the “fibrosis” or scarring of lung tissue. This scarring causes breathing difficulties as it restricts the ability of the lung to fully expand and contract.

As suggested by their names, Coal Dust Pneumoconiosis is caused by the inhalation of coal dust, whereas Hard Metal Pneumoconiosis is caused by the inhalation of dust from hard metals such as cobalt or tungsten.

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Common Symptoms

The most common symptoms of these forms of pneumoconiosis include difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, a dry cough and a dry crackling sound when inhaling. Depending on the level of exposure, it generally takes a minimum of five years for symptoms to develop after first being exposed to the dust.

Although this disease usually does not shorten life span, and there is no time limitation within which to bring a claim, as any damages claim MUST be commenced whilst the client is alive the earlier an assessment can be made the better.

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