Which birth injuries can lead to medical negligence claims?

PUBLISHED 16 Feb 2016

While many Australians use the services of trained medical professionals, the wide range of variables that impact the success operations and other procedures means things don't always go to plan.

This is particularly true during childbirth, and any incidents which impact the health of a child or its mother can result in medical negligence claims. In these instances, it's important that people contact the experts to ensure their case is pursued correctly.

Here are some of the diseases or injuries that can occur during childbirth due to negligence or malpractice. If a mother or child have experienced any of these, the lawyers at Gerard Malouf and Partners can help create a case and ensure they are fairly compensated.

How can a C-section lead to medical negligence claims?

Doctors generally choose to perform a C-section during a baby's birth as a safety precaution, but if the process does not go according to plan it can create further dangers and impact the health of a mother or child.

For example, if a practitioner misjudges the size of the child and does not adjust accordingly, it can add significant complications to the procedure.

This delicate procedure carries a number of risks for the people involved. Even minor cases where stitches aren't performed properly can result in excess scarring that could lead to medical negligence claims.

Placenta management can create health concerns

Following the birth of a child, it's important that doctors follow all necessary procedures to ensure patient safety. However, even standard processes such as removing the placenta can create issues.

In some cases, part of the placenta may be retained, which can cause a range of health issues such as infection or internal haemorrhaging if left undiagnosed. While not all of these conditions are necessarily life threatening, any example of malpractice that has negatively impacted on someone's health could be the basis for a medical negligence claim.

Routine practices still carry risk of medical negligence

Even tasks as simple as managing the umbilical cord in a birth can negatively impact a patient's health. While in most cases it doesn't pose much difficulty, in some instances it can put the child or mother in significant danger.

Before the birth, the position of the umbilical cord can even strangle the unborn child. If doctors don't diagnose the issue or respond effectively, it can have notable health concerns.

Extract: The birthing process can be a complex medical procedure, and any unforeseen circumstances can prompt the need for a medical negligence claim.

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