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Public Liability Claims New South Wales (NSW) [Examples]

If you’re considering filing a public liability claim in NSW, it’s helpful to read about other similar cases to understand the process and potential compensation.. The following examples outline contexts that lead to public liability claims, including slip and fall hazards, negligent property maintenance, inadequate premise cleaning and others.

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Fall at a hospital: $500,000 payout

Our client received a $500,000 settlement following a severe slip and fall incident at a hospital. The hospital staff, including the physiotherapy and rehabilitation team, negligently failed to implement proper procedures for transferring our client — a high-risk patient with significant pre-existing conditions. The oversight led to a fall that resulted in permanent immobility, with our client now relying on a wheelchair. The settlement payout accounts for the injury’s impact on our client’s quality of life and independence, providing necessary financial support to manage her ongoing medical care, adjustments to living accommodations and other life necessities.

Fall at popular Sydney hotel: $160,000 payout

Our client received $160,000 after a slip and fall accident in the bathroom of a well-known Sydney hotel. The incident occurred when he slipped on a liquid contaminant on the floor, which lacked appropriate warning signage. The hotel’s infrequent cleaning practices and failure to provide regular safety checks contributed to the unsafe conditions. The fall resulted in a fractured wrist requiring surgical intervention, significantly impacting his ability as a sole trader in the plumbing industry. Through an informal mediation conference, backed by expert testimony/assessments from a safety management accredited specialist and physician, our team of compensation lawyers successfully negotiated the settlement. This public liability compensation acknowledges the negligence on part of the hotel and helps cover our client’s medical expenses, lost income and ongoing recovery needs.

Fall at Sydney Shopping Centre: $175,000 Payout

Our client, a 53-year-old, received $175,000 after slipping on a liquid at a major shopping centre in Sydney’s western suburbs, resulting in serious knee injuries. Despite the presence of a wet floor sign, it was obscured by a concrete column and busy café seating, making it invisible to our client. The injury severely impacted her job as a bar attendant and her ability to perform household chores. Our legal team of compensation lawyers analysed CCTV footage, proving that the placement of the sign was inadequate. This investigation led to a successful negotiation, securing compensation that assists with home help and ongoing care.

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Supermarket slip and fall

Our client received a substantial settlement after slipping on squashed grapes at a large supermarket chain in Upper North Shore Sydney, sustaining serious injuries. Despite the supermarket’s defence claiming our client was at fault for not looking where she was walking, evidence demonstrated a lack of adequate cleaning protocols. The absence of a vigilant and effective cleaning system led to the accident, leaving our client with permanent impairments affecting her daily life and enjoyment. Our team of public liability claim lawyers successfully argued the case and proved the supermarket’s negligence in maintaining safe premises, resulting in a significant public liability compensation award for our client.

Stairway slip at school: $100,000 payout

Our client, a Sydney-based cleaner, received $100,000 in compensation for injuries from a slip and fall on poorly lit school stairs. While employed at the school, she seriously injured her right ankle, leading to surgery and significant time off work. Our public liability law experts filed a claim in the District Court of New South Wales, supporting it with witness testimonies and accredited specialist reports on the stair conditions and lighting. Despite initial resistance from the liability insurance agency, persistent negotiation led to a favourable settlement before trial, covering her medical expenses, lost income and domestic help needs.

Supermarket slip in Western Sydney: $245,000 payout

Our client, a 47-year-old Western Sydney woman, secured $245,000 in compensation after slipping in her local supermarket. The fall resulted in a significant knee injury, necessitating time off work, specialist surgery and ongoing physiotherapy. The injury led to overuse of her other knee and eventual arthritic changes, with a knee replacement anticipated. Our public liability lawyer pursued the claim, challenging the supermarket’s cleaning practices through subpoenaed records. Despite initial settlement discussions stalling, strategic negotiations led to a favourable settlement that accounted for our client’s medical expenses, lost wages and future medical needs.

Shopping centre slip in Southern Sydney: $100,000 payout

Our client received $100,000 in compensation after a slip and fall accident at a large shopping centre in Southern Sydney. She slipped while walking along a pedestrian concourse, resulting in injuries to her hip and back. These injuries severely impacted her mobility and ability to work, forcing her to hire additional staff for her business — negatively affected its profitability. We pursued the compensation claim against the shopping centre and their cleaners, alleging negligence in maintaining a safe environment. An early settlement conference led to a favourable outcome, providing our client with necessary compensation and a prompt resolution to her case.

Hotel restaurant slip: $25,000 payout

Our client received $25,000 in compensation after slipping on a contaminant on the floor while dining at a buffet-style hotel restaurant. The accident caused significant injuries to her neck, back, and leg, leading to serious pain, limited mobility and disrupted sleep. Despite continuing to work, our client required regular physiotherapy and assistance with household tasks. Our public liability lawyer filed a claim in the District Court of NSW, arguing the restaurant failed to maintain a safe environment. After persistent negotiations following an inconclusive settlement conference, we successfully negotiated a $25,000 compromise that provided the client with much-needed compensation for her injuries.

Supermarket slip in Campsie

Our client received significant compensation after slipping on a puddle near the self-service register at a large supermarket chain in Campsie, NSW. She sustained severe injuries to her left ankle, foot and right shoulder. Despite the supermarket’s initial denial of liability and claims of diligent cleaning practices, our public liability law experts proved the cleaning system was inadequate. Persistent negotiations overcame the supermarket’s assertion that our client was at fault, ultimately leading to a settlement that covered her injuries, pain, suffering and financial losses.

Trip and fall in Sydney CBD: $260,000 payout

Our client received over $260,000 in compensation after tripping on a poorly marked step in Sydney’s CBD. While navigating through a crowded area, he sustained severe injuries to his left ankle that required surgery and significantly impacted his active lifestyle. Our experts in compensation law initiated proceedings against the commercial premises’ joint owners for their failure in the construction and maintenance of the step. Extensive site analysis and an expert liability report supported our case, asserting the need for clearer step demarcation. Through successful private mediation negotiations, our client was awarded compensation that covered their medical needs and compensated for his loss of employment and altered lifestyle.

Mechanic shop mishap in the Hills District: $190,000 payout

Our client, a 73-year-old woman, received $190,000 after tripping over an object left on the floor by a staff member at a mechanic shop in the Hills District, Sydney. The fall resulted in her losing consciousness and sustaining serious injuries to her arm and hip, significantly affecting her daily activities and ability to perform domestic duties. Our team conducted thorough Preliminary Discovery to identify the object and responsible staff members. Expert reports from occupational therapists and orthopaedic surgeons detailed the impact on our client’s life, leading to a successful personal injury claim that covered her medical expenses and personal hardship.

Council footpath trip in Sydney: $400,000 payout

Our client received $400,000 in compensation after tripping over a poorly maintained section of council footpath, resulting in a serious injury to his right ankle. The accident forced him to take several months off work and subsequently return to lighter duties, affecting his earning capacity. Our team pursued claims for his past and future loss of income, medical expenses and the need for domestic assistance. The firm secured a detailed expert report on the footpath’s condition, strengthening the case against the council’s maintenance obligations. After thorough preparation and a settlement conference, the parties reached a favourable resolution that supports our client’s recovery and financial stability.

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Footpath fall in Sydney

Our client, an elderly woman, received a significant compensation award after tripping on a defectively maintained footpath in Sydney, leading to a fractured right wrist requiring multiple surgeries. Our team of compensation law experts successfully argued that the local council failed to adequately maintain the footpath, posing a trip hazard confirmed by expert liability reports. Our firm secured comprehensive medical evidence detailing our client’s permanent impairment and ongoing pain, which significantly affects her daily activities. Following a productive settlement conference, the local council agreed to a substantial payout, acknowledging their negligence and providing our client with the necessary financial support for her continued care and reduced mobility.

Trip in variety store: $50,000 payout

Our client, a pensioner, received over $50,000 in compensation after tripping over a negligently placed box in a Western Sydney variety store. The fall resulted in severe injuries, including a fractured right upper arm and significant psychological distress. Our personal injury lawyer initiated legal proceedings on her behalf, and through expert medical testimony, we demonstrated her need for ongoing domestic help and psychological treatment. The successful settlement negotiations ensured our client received the necessary funds to manage her injuries and regain independence, alleviating her reliance on family for everyday tasks and care.

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Meet the diverse and dynamic team of compensation lawyers and supporting staff that have made this all happen below. Our multi-lingual team can discuss your claims in Arabic, Assyrian, Turkish, Greek, Italian, French, Serbian, Croatian, Armenian, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi or Malayalam.

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