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Historical child abuse victim receives $435,000 in compensation for sexual abuse suffered at a NSW youth group

In the 1980s our client participated in a local youth group program which involved midweek and weekend activities and the occasional camp. During his time with the youth group, our client was groomed and subject to sexual abuse on multiple occasions by a leader of the group. As a result of this abuse, our client suffered debilitating psychological injuries which continued into his adult life.

Struggling to cope with the effect of the abuse, our client made the courageous decision to contact Gerard Malouf and Partners seeking advice as to his rights for compensation for child abuse. Experienced historical child abuse solicitor, Richele Nelsen, took carriage of the matter and began to gather the evidence required to substantiate the claim and obtain maximum compensation.

Once the evidence had been gathered we commenced proceedings in the District Court of NSW and briefed an expert Barrister who had the like-minded goal to achieve a successful result for our client. We organised for our client to be seen by a Psychiatrist, who prepared a medico-legal report which confirmed that our client had suffered major psychological injuries as a result of the abuse he was subject to as a child including, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, and significant stress and anxiety across major domains of life.

A mediation was organised between the parties to canvas whether the matter could be resolved without the need to proceed to a court hearing. After negotiating with the defendants and with the help of our expert Barrister, we were able to secure a settlement amount of $435,000. Our client was ecstatic with the result which he felt provided him with recognition of what he had experienced and closure of a difficult time in his life.

We understand that it is hard for those who have been subject to child abuse to discuss their experiences with others. We can assure you that we act with the utmost consideration of your circumstances, and we fight to achieve justice and maximum compensation for those who have been subject to child abuse.

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