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Does CTP insurance cover property damage?

Thanks to compulsory third party (CTP) insurance laws upheld across Australia, citizens everywhere can trust that any injuries or medical costs they suffer in a car accident will be fully compensated. However, many are still unsure about just what, exactly, CTP insurance covers. Like for instance: Does it cover property damage?

Does CTP insurance cover property damage?

While CTP insurance covers personal injury damages, it does not provide insurance for property damage caused by motor vehicle accidents. If and when your property has been damaged in a motor vehicle accident, you normally have three options:

  • Make a claim to have the damages covered by your own comprehensive insurance, presuming you have a policy in place,
  • Make a claim against the other driver involved, presuming they were responsible for the accident, and negotiate with them to pay for the costs, or
  • File a claim in court.

No matter how you address the damages, it’s essential to make sure you exchange all pertinent details with other drivers involved in the crash at the time of the accident, and to immediately gather as much information and evidence about the incident as possible.

Are there time limits for making a claim on property damage caused by a vehicle?

There are time limits for making a claim on property damaged caused by a car accident, but they often vary based on the state and situation. For instance, in Queensland, you have up to six years to make a claim for motor vehicle property damage but other states only allow half as much time.

For guidance on how to make a claim on motor vehicle property damage, contact a compensation lawyer as soon as possible following the accident.

How does one make a claim to cover property damages caused by a car accident?

If your property was damaged in a motor vehicle accident and need assistance filing a claim or taking the case to court, you can employ the assistance of a compensation lawyer to help you navigate through the many difficult processes involved. Luckily, there are lawyers available who are specifically trained and highly experienced in handling motor vehicle accident claims—and in dealing with insurance companies to negotiate payouts.

Do you need help making a car accident claim for damages on your vehicle or property? If so, be sure to contact the compensation lawyers at Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation, Medical Negligence & Will Dispute Lawyers, who can help to ensure you’ll receive all that your due from the insurance company in question.

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