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Woman Receives $500,000 In A Slip and Fall Case At The Hospital

Case Overview
  • Our client had to undergo several surgical procedures like physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • The hospital failed to follow acceptable procedures and practices causing our client to have a dangerous fall.
  • She lost her ability to walk and contacted us to inquire about a medical negligence claim.

Our client suffered from significant pre-existing conditions and was admitted to Defendant’s care, where she underwent several surgical procedures, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.


However, the Defendant was negligent in its care and treatment of our client. The hospital and its staff (including the physiotherapy and rehabilitation team) failed to follow acceptable procedures and practice in transferring our high-risk clients between hospital wards.

As a result of the Defendant’s failure to take precautions, including using a wheelchair to transport our client, reviewing our client’s wound, mobilising her with a splint, mobilising her in areas free of obstacles, addressing her mobility concerns, and providing her with adequate support – our client suffered a dangerous fall in the hospital.


This fall has caused our client to suffer from immobility and a permanent inability to walk. Our client must rely on a wheelchair for mobilisation, having lost her already tenuous independence. This condition has caused our client to develop diabetes and significant psychiatric injury.

Our Approach

GMP’s highly experienced medical negligence solicitor, Mr. Keegan Behrens, had carriage over this matter. Keegan and his team worked tirelessly on this case. The force of the firm’s resources and personnel were deployed as clinical records were obtained and analysed, and medical specialists at the top of their field were briefed to ensure that justice was done for our client.

This matter was settled, and it was agreed that the defendants would pay the plaintiff. Although money does not alleviate our client’s ongoing pain and suffering, it ensures that negligent medical practitioners are held accountable and that our client can get the support she needs for the remainder of her life.

Our firm is recognised as an Australian leader in its areas of law with offices throughout the east coast of Australia, specialising in Sydney, regional New South Wales, South East Queensland, and Victoria.

The Result

This matter settled and it was agreed that the defendants would pay the sum of over $500,000.

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More Information

Negligence is a failure to exercise the care that another in the same position would prudently exercise. The harm caused by negligence is considered to be due to carelessness, rather than a specific intent or determination to cause harm.

While negligence can include misconduct in a variety of circumstances, malpractice is reserved for professionals who fall grossly short of their obligations — and harm others in the process. As a result, malpractice is often called “professional negligence”. If a licensed professional (such as a doctor, lawyer, or accountant) fails to provide the accepted standard of care and subsequently causes harm to the plaintiff, this form of negligence may be known as malpractice.

Medical malpractice is specifically used in reference to medical workers who have committed acts of negligence.

All professionals – including medical professionals – have a duty of care toward their customers. 

Our Medical Negligence lawyers manage cases brought against all forms of medical worker when they show neglect in their duty of care, including doctors, nurses, dentists, hospitals, cosmetic surgeons, chiropractors and physiotherapists

If you have been injured or an existing condition has got worse following a medical procedure, or even just a visit to the doctor, then you may have been the victim of medical negligence and you may be eligible to make medical negligence claims against the professional who caused your injury.

If you can first show that you have suffered harm, and secondly, that a medical professional failed in their duty of care towards you then you may be entitled to compensation.


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