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Three Sons Compensated $255,000 Following the Tragic Death of their Mother due to an Aged Care Facility’s Negligence

Three Sons Compensated $255,000 Following the Tragic Death of their Mother due to an Aged Care Facility’s Negligence

Case Overview

The lives of three sons were changed forever when they received a call that their mother had fallen at a nursing home where she was residing. Upon investigation, it was found that their beloved mother, who was previously assessed at high risk of falls was given a wheelchair by a nurse which was borrowed from another resident at the nursing home without an assessment taking place and without any consultation with the family.

Unfortunately, four days after the wheelchair was provided to their mother, she had a fall and sustained fractures to her left femur, right tibia and right fibula. Following the fractures, their mother had an infection, which resulted in sepsis and ultimately her premature tragic death.

“In negligence cases like these, we understand and empathise with the detrimental pain and suffering clients face when a case goes to trial.”

Antonin Sebasta
Our Approach

The three sons approached Gerard Malouf and Partners to obtain justice for the untimely death of their mother caused by the negligent treatment provided by the aged care facility.

Mr Antonin Sebesta and his team took on the matter and investigated the treatment of the Deceased by qualifying an expert nurse who provided a strong liability report in relation to the negligent treatment that occurred at the aged care.

In addition, an expert psychiatrist was qualified to assess the detrimental effect the untimely passing of their mother had on the three sons. Consequently, after receiving strong and supportive reports, Gerard Malouf and Partners was committed to fighting this case for their clients in order to achieve justice for our clients and their families.

The Result

We secured a strong settlement of $255,000 helping our clients move forwards with their lives.

Antonin Sebasta Lawyer

Antonin Sebesta

Senior Associate
As a plaintiff lawyer, I strive to be empathetic, communicative and most of all to achieve results for our clients in the least possible time and with the best possible outcome

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