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$450,000 Compensation Following Electricity Cord Trip

A normal workday as a carer turned sour when our client tripped on the electrical cord of a call buzzer and fell heavily to the floor. Our client noticed immediate pain and as a result of her fall, suffered injuries to her right shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb.

Thankfully, after her initial obligation free consultation with an expert Workers Compensation Solicitor at Gerard Malouf and Partners, our client was provided with advice in relation to her rights under the Workers Compensation Legislation.

Once we received instructions to act, we lodged a claim through the workers compensation insurer on behalf of our client and liability was subsequently accepted.

Our client was then entitled to receive weekly compensation and medical benefits. This included compensation for the cost of rehabilitation and the associated hospital expenses. Overall the insurer paid around $250,000 towards our client’s weekly payments and injury recovery.

Our expert Workers Compensation Solicitor obtained the relevant medical evidence to maximise our client’s claim for compensation. After being assessed at 17% Whole Person Impairment, our client received initial lump sum compensation of just over $40,000.

Having satisfied the 15% threshold to sue her employer for negligence, our client instructed our office to take the steps necessary to maximise her claim. The negligence in this instance was that the employer had failed to uphold their duty of care by ensuring a safe environment of work for their staff.

The very experienced Solicitor obtained the evidence necessary to build a strong case against our client’s employer. After preparing all of the Court documents, the parties participated in a compulsory mediation with the Defendant at the Workers Compensation Commission. We successfully managed to negotiate a settlement. Following settlement, the combined compensation in favour of this worker was $450,000.

Our expert team here at Gerard Malouf & Partners offer a “no win, no fee” arrangement where the client does not have to pay any fees until their matter is successfully resolved.

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