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Woman receives $190,000 after tripping and falling at mechanic in the Hills District

In 2016, our 73-year-old client was attending her local mechanic in the Hills District region of Sydney to pick up her vehicle following her vehicle servicing.

After paying for the service, our client exited the office and was walking towards her vehicle, when she tripped on an object which had been left on the floor surface by a staff member, causing her to fall and land heavily on the ground losing consciousness.

Our client came to us for our assistance as she had sustained serious injuries to her arm and hip. These injuries were impacting upon her day-to-day life and our client was frustrated at the negligence of her mechanic.

Our client had never made a claim for personal injury before and at first, did not know what she had tripped on. Investigating the identity of the object that had caused her fall and the duties owed by the staff members were key to the great outcome.

The team at Gerard Malouf and Partners fought hard for our client, performing Preliminary Discovery investigations to determine the object that she had tripped on and the staff members who were at fault, obtaining reports from occupational therapists and orthopedic surgeons in support of our client’s injuries and the impacts this has had on her daily life.

Primarily the injuries sustained in the incident impacted upon our client’s ability to attend to domestic duties around her home, including the gardening duties and she had incurred significant out of pocket expenses in relation to the treatment of her injuries.

Our client was pleased with this lump sum as it will allow her to obtain assistance for the cleaning and maintenance of her home and to obtain any treatment she will require in the future. But most importantly, to our client, this figure recognizes the negligence of the mechanic.

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