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Legal Advice: Most Commonly Asked Questions About Your Legal Rights

Can I claim workers compensation and income protection at the same time?

f you have sustained an injury, either at work or elsewhere, that prevents you from doing your job, there are important cover options to keep in mind. While there are differences between workers’ compensation and income protection, and some of these payments could be made at the same time, the first step is understanding which type of coverage is right for

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Can you return to work after a TPD payout?

Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance is designed to provide financial support to people who have suffered life-changing injuries or illnesses and are unable to return to work. But there are many examples of where someone may be deemed totally and permanently disabled, yet they later rejoin the workforce. For example, new medications, therapies and rehabilitation techniques could alleviate symptoms

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What is a total permanent disability claim?

If you become permanently disabled due to an illness or injury, total permanent disability insurance can be an important financial safety net. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, this coverage will pay you a lump sum if you’re permanently unable to return to work due to an ailment or accident. This is true of most policies however some insurance policies, pay

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What constitutes medical negligence in Queensland (QLD)?

Suffering the effects of negligent medical treatment can be devastating. When a medical professional who you entrusted with your health commits a preventable error and causes physical or psychological harm, the impact can range from a diminished ability to work and earn money to long-lasting pain. The good news is that the 2019 State of Patient Safety and Quality in

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How likely am I to succeed if I make a TPD claim?

Total and permanent disability (TPD) cover is a common form of insurance that helps individuals cope with the financial difficulties that can arise from suffering a debilitating injury or illness. As with any insurance, however, there is a chance that your claim will be rejected. Insurance companies and superannuation funds may provide a number of reasons for turning down a

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How often do insurers reject TPD claims?

Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance is a type of life cover that protects policyholders against the risk of suffering a serious injury or illness that prevents them from ever returning to work. Many people have access to TPD cover through their superannuation policy, although others may choose a standalone product from an insurer if they have tailored needs. Payouts

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