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Woman Receives $500,000 for Failure to Treat Dissected Artery

Case Overview This matter involved the conduct of a major hospital, as our client presented with symptoms that were suggestive of a stroke. The hospital did not order any scans and refer her to a neurologist with suffecient expertise in the treatment of strokes and other brain injuries. As a result, our client required intensive therapy to regain normal bodily

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Woman awarded $90,000 after successful TPD claim

Case Overview The plaintiff, who previously worked as a community development officer and counsellor, was involved in a serious car accident in 2006. The Judge ruled the insurer was incorrect in both elements of its reasoning for rejecting the claim. The claimant received $90,000 from their TPD Claim. In this case, our client was employed as a Secondary School Teacher

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Neck injury client settled TPD claim for 75% of the insurance policy value

Case Overview Our client is a resident of Castle Hill who was formally a business development manager working in a high stress office environment until a motor vehicle accident caused her significant injuries to the head and neck. She was hospitalised and had surgery. As a result she had permanent symptoms of migraine and constant neck pain which also caused

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