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Some of our successful legal cases

Family Suffered Nervous Shock After Father’s Death Get $500K in Compensation

Case Overview A man was presented to a Hospital in NSW with sharp left-sided chest pain As a result of the administration of thrombolytic therapy, his condition deteriorated due to intracranial bleeding development causing his death. GMP helped the family get $500,000 in compensation for the psychological distress suffered. The Deceased presented to a Hospital in NSW on 13 July

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A Man Receives $800K in Compensation After GP Fails to Identify Cancer

Case Overview Our client attended to his GP in relation to two painful pimple-like spots and was advised that it was likely an insect bite. After a second opinion from a different GP, it was discovered he had squamous cell carcinoma, SCC of the nose. Due to medical negligence, our client received the sum of $800,000 as compensation. In 2018,

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Man Gets $230,000 in Compensation After Sexual Abuse by a Priest

Case Overview Our client suffered sexual abuse by a priest in 1971 during pastoral care visits to his own home. The abuse had a traumatic impact on the boy’s life, who tragically developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder amongst other psychological conditions. GMP helped him receive $230,000 compensation so that he can find some sense of closure. A man was recently

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Woman Receives $100k Compensation Following a Slip and Fall in a Unit Block

Case Overview Our client suffered an injurious slip and fall, while she was walking on ceramic tiles at the entrance of a unit block. She was also diagnosed with a Chronic Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood. During negotiations, she received a settlement of $100K without the need of going through with a full-court hearing. In December 2018, our client suffered

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