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Mesothelioma Compensation in New South Wales

The U.K. has the most mesothelioma cases per capita but Australia is right behind them. The number of new diagnoses each year keeps pace with the number of deaths and as more working Australians age into the window when asbestos damage manifests, thousands more will be diagnosed and lose their battle against insidious disease. What is mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is an

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National Redress Scheme Payouts: What to Know About Payout Delays

As the country continues to come to terms with the child sexual abuse crisis, it’s important that all victims are heard and accounted for. Unfortunately, since its launch in 2018, the number of sex abuse victims that have received compensation from Australia’s National Redress Scheme is significantly below the original estimations. As a result, victims are being advised to seek

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Contesting an unfair will

Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult in a number of ways. It is a period of emotional upheaval and you have to contend with your thoughts and feelings of loss, while you also have to plan and then attend all necessary memorial services. This is both a tiring and heart-wrenching process. When it comes time to discuss the will

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What compensation is available to victims of sexual abuse?

Compensation for sexual assault at work: Recognition and institutional abuse payments If you have been a victim of sexual assault at work, you deserve compensation for your loss of enjoyment in life and feeling unsafe or harassed in your workplace. No one should have to suffer this type of abuse, but sadly, thousands of Australians experience offences of a sexxual

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