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Wollongong woman receives $100,000 settlement for hospital’s negligence in performing enema

Our client, a 46 year old woman, received $100,000 in compensation for a Wollongong hospital’s negligence in performing an enema. After undergoing a vaginal hysterectomy at the hospital in 2013, our client was administered with a fleet enema. As a result of the rough insertion of the enema she suffered a recto-vaginal fistula which went undiagnosed by the hospital.

Several days after being discharged our client was admitted to a different hospital where she underwent further surgery for the fistula, which involved the creation of a stoma.

Due to the negligence of the hospital our client suffered long time bowel issues. She has variable bowel habits, often having bowel movements up to 3 times per day. She suffers from bowel leakage and needs to clean herself every hour or so. Additionally, there is some scarring and our client is aware of pain in the area at all times.

The negligence of the hospital also had psychological effects on our client. Her condition made her feel unclean and embarrassed. She avoided telling her family the extent of her bowel issues due to her embarrassment. She was very emotional and found herself crying often over the entire ordeal she was subjected to.

Our client’s regular activities were also restricted as a result of the negligence of the hospital. She now wears baggy clothing as a result of the scarring and can no longer go swimming with her children. She needs to always be near a toilet in case she needs to clean herself.

Our client came to Gerard Malouf and Partners for help from our expert Medical Negligence team. We lodged a claim on her behalf for compensation for the negligence of the hospital in inserting the enema, resulting in the fistula and subsequent physical and psychological effects that had on her.

We consulted medical experts for reports on the impact of the failed procedure on our client. Because we operate on a No Win No Fee basis, all of the investigations and expert opinions were conducted and prepared at no initial cost to our client.

After fighting on our client’s behalf with the hospital’s defence team, Gerard Malouf and Partners negotiated a settlement of approximately $100,000 including costs for our client. This settlement allowed her to achieve closure in the matter and start moving on with her life.

If you have suffered as a result of the negligence of a hospital call us now for a free consultation. Our expert Medical Negligence team is ready to assist you to get the compensation that you deserve.

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