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Sydney man compensated for failed Beauty Clinic laser treatment

We acted for a 27 year old Sydney man who underwent laser treatment at a beauty clinic for minor sun damage, acne scarring, pigmentation and moles on his face. At his initial consultation and on several other occasions our client asked whether the treatment would have any effect on his ability to grow facial hair. He was told there would be no effect on his current facial hair or ability to grow facial hair in the future.

Our client underwent 6 sessions of laser treatment in 2015. As a result of the treatment he suffered permanent disruption to the quality and quantity of his facial hair growth. This also resulted in psychological damage as our client was self-conscious and embarrassed about the results. He suffered a loss of confidence in addition to depression and anxiety.

Our client contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners to determine his rights in regards to a medical negligence claim. We advised that there was a case worth looking into and commissioned a report from an expert dermatologist to comment on the incorrect advice he received. That expert confirmed that the treatment he underwent is known to have an effect on hair growth and he should have been advised of this, especially in circumstances where he specifically asked about it. The advice he was given was incorrect and resulted in the damage that he suffered.

With the supportive report of the dermatologist we commenced proceedings in the District Court of NSW.

In this matter we determined that it would better to try to reach an early settlement. A speedy resolution would provide certainty and reduce legal costs for both our client and the Defendant. We made a reasonable offer to the Defendant. After further submissions the Defendant finally saw reason that our client’s claim was reasonable and not overly inflated and agreed to settle. This was a good result and after hearing our advice our client chose to accept the offer.

If you have suffered damage as a result of medical negligence, it is essential that you seek advice from an experienced solicitor such as Mr Raina that specialises in this area of law. Contact Gerard Malouf & Partners on 1800 004 878 or complete our email enquiry form for a free consultation with one of our Medical Negligence solicitors, to discuss how we can assist you on a No Win No Fee basis in relation to your potential medical negligence claim.

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