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Supermarket slip and fall injury for 73 year old man results in $80,000 compensation settlement

Our client was a 73 year old man who injured himself after slipping on water at a Coles Supermarket. While on holidays, he attended the store to do some quick grocery shopping on a rainy day. The floor near the entrance to the store had become very wet due to the rain and wet trolleys being brought in and out of the store. Shortly after entering the store our client slipped on the water and fell.

As a result of the fall out client suffered a severe injury to his right shoulder including a torn rotator cuff. Since the accident he suffered from pain, discomfort and restriction of movement in his right shoulder. He had difficulty reaching, holding and lifting items with his right arm and was unable to raise it more than 90 degrees. This seriously impacted his ability to perform household tasks, chores and handiwork.

Our client was very active for his age and was unable to take part in sporting and recreational activities that he had been involved in for his entire life. This was a huge blow to him and caused a lot of frustration.

We obtained a report from an expert Orthopaedic Surgeon which detailed the extent of the injuries to our client. With this we were able to quantify the damage he had suffered and any future treatment needs he may have. We were also able to claim all of the out-of-pocket expenses he had incurred for past treatment.

With our evidence in hand we were ready to commence proceedings in the District Court of NSW. We felt out client had a strong case even though there were some issues with liability to overcome, as there were some warning signs in the area where he fell. We maintained, however, that the signs were not adequate to warn him of the danger and prevent his fall.

In order to save time and costs we approached the supermarket’s solicitors to attempt to settle the matter early they agreed to meet with us and at the informal settlement conference the parties were able to reach a compromise and settle the matter for $80,000. This was a great result for our client and were glad to be able to resolve his matter without the stress of a Hearing.   

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury at a supermarket or other public place contact us today. We will be glad to arrange a free consultation with one of our expert lawyers to discuss your claim. If we believe you have prospects of success we will take on your claim on a No Win No Fee basis and ensure you receive maximum compensation.

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