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South Sydney man receives $100,000.00 compensation after Dentist causes nerve damage during treatment

This matter involved a man from South Sydney who suffered permanent nerve damage to his mouth and face following negligent treatment by a dentist.

In April of 2015 our client attended upon a dentist for a recommended tooth extraction. During this procedure his teeth were extracted and he was subjected to a vigorous cleaning process. During this process he noticed severe pain and discomfort. He assumed this would resolve in the days following treatment, it however did not and he began to notice ongoing numbness and nerve symptoms to his face and mouth.

Our client sought the opinion of a maxillofacial surgeon following the persistence of these painful and frustrating symptoms. During this consultation he was advised that this injury occurred because an x-ray was not taken to properly visualise his teeth and surrounding structures. This resulted in an injury during his treatment process. He was advised that with injuries such as these, they may resolve however he would need to wait a few months to determine whether or not this would be the case.

After several months of waiting for his injuries to heal it became apparent that the damage would be permanent. This situation was made all the more difficult by the fact that our client had started working as an employed translator.

Aggrieved, he contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners where our expert medical negligence specialist, Leslie Abboud took carriage of the file. Mr Abboud is an expert in dental injury cases and quickly identified the problem.

Mr Abboud and his team urgently obtained the opinion of highly regarded maxillofacial surgeon where it was shown that the dentist was in fact negligent in failing to properly prepare and treat his patient.  Ultimately, as a result of this failure, our client developed permanent damage and psychiatric injury.

He had not been able to go back to his job and felt increasingly embarrassed about public speaking. Armed with this expert evidence, as well as evidence as to psychiatric and physical damage Leslie Abboud sought to arrange an informal settlement conference.

By progressively pursuing this matter and understanding the urgency at which to act but the necessity for quality medical evidence, Mr Abboud and his specialist medical negligence team as well as an expert Barrister sought to negotiate with the Defendant an informal settlement conference and settled this matter for the benefit of our client. Ultimately this matter settled for $100,000.00.

Our client was very satisfied with these results and thankful for the efforts of her solicitor and his firm in taking on her matter and settling it so quickly under such difficult circumstances.

We are highly specialised and focused lawyers with our firm being small enough to care for our clients but large enough to have solid financial, medical and expert resources.

For over the phone free advice or to take advantage of our face to face consultation call our expert Medical Negligence team today on our free call number 1800 004 878.

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