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Police Officer injured in course of duty in a motor vehicle accident receives significant compensation payout

Our client, Mr A was involved in a motor vehicle accident during the course of his duties as a Police Officer.

Our client due to the fact that he was injured at work therefore started to receive Workers Compensation benefits.

His injuries included orthopaedic injuries to the neck and back, abrasions and also over a period of time development of a significant degree of post traumatic stress.

Our client was on Workers Compensation benefits for at least 2 years and it was clear that he was not going to be able to return to the workforce.

Mr A contacted GMP to obtain advice generally with regards to his entitlements.

A personal injury claim form was completed and the green slip insurer was notified of our intention to claim on his behalf in relation to the injuries he sustained.

In the course of the claim, the client attempted various forms of rehabilitation and returned to work with no avail.

It was clear that over a period of time he had developed levels of anxiety, stress and depression and a diagnosable condition of post traumatic stress.

This had the added insult of making it difficult for the client to return back to Police duties.

Principally the client’s neck and lower back injuries were significant enough so as to compel the Police Force to certify him unfit to return back to suitable Police duties.

Our client thereafter was able to rehabilitate himself and obtain alternative work.

In the course of the claim we obtained various Medical Reports to confirm that the client would no longer be able to carry out employment as a Police Officer which in effect meant significant reduction in his earnings by at least $20,000.00 per annum.

The claimant was able to obtain alternative work and therefore it was easy to look at the difference between his earnings as a Police Officer and his current position.

The insurer, through their Solicitors, at no stage realized the real value of this claim and GMP vigorously moved the matter forward so it could proceed to an assessment by an independent Assessor through the Motor Accidents Authority.

Ultimately the insurer, through their Solicitors, reassessed the claim thanks to detailed submissions as prepared by Vrege Kolokossian of the firm which resulted in them taking a more realistic approach to the figure.

The client ultimately was able to settle the claim. From the settlement a significant amount had to be repaid to the Workers Compensation insurer. Our client was happy in having found suitable alternative employment with a significant lump sum being awarded to him in excess of $200,000.00.

Our client’s injuries however did not get over the 10% impairment threshold but that didn’t prevent the client obtaining significant compensation and being very happy with the final outcome.

It is important no matter what field of work you are employed in whether as a Police Officer, Fire Brigade Officer or Ambulance Officer in situations where you sustain injuries in a motor vehicle accident or at work and are no longer able to go back to your pre-accident employment, you need the advice of expert Solicitors who are able to calculate the difference in any future employment you obtain and push that home against the insurer.

You need to be able to trust a firm like GMP who always go in to bat to obtain the best result for their clients.

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