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Passionate worker receives over $500,000 for psychological injuries arising from workplace bullying and harassment

Our client, sustained a psychological injury during the course of his employment as a result of workplace bullying and harassment. Under the current Workers Compensation Scheme, in order to seek lump sum compensation for a psychological injury arising from a workplace incident, a minimum threshold of 15% Whole Person Impairment (WPI) is required to be reached. A threshold that is much higher and more difficult to achieve compared to say a physical injury, which in turn requires only 11% Whole Person Impairment.

For this particular client, his quality of life following this psychological injury took a major impact and rendered him to be effectively unemployable for the foreseeable future.

When instructing us to act for him our client was seeking justice for the mistreatment. Here at Gerard Malouf and Partner we strive to give our clients’ the maximum justice they deserve and the best way to do that is through maximising compensation.

Following his entitlements for lump sum compensation, where he satisfied the impairment threshold of 15% whole person impairment, we were able to commence a Work Injury Damages claim (Common Law Negligent claim). We were able to do that as the minimum threshold requirement of 15% Whole Person Impairment for a lump sum claim is the exact same threshold required in order to pursue a Work Injury Damages claim.

Having already satisfied the impairment rating required, we knew the claim had merits in a Work Injury Damages claim.

After ongoing negotiations with the insurer, the parties ultimately agreed to a settlement that resulted in our client receiving over half a million dollars in payments for economic loss.

Our client placed his trust in Gerard Malouf and Partners to achieve a result maximising compensation. We did that. For our client, the outcome coupled with the fact that the process has concluded after many years of turmoil has put him at ease. With this now behind him, he hopes for a brighter future.

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