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Mechanical Fitter Gets Over $50,000 Compensation for Loss of a Finger at Work

Our client was a mechanical fitter for a Sydney company. He was working on a machine when the driving wheels of the machine crushed his left hand causing a very severe injury, which in fact lead to the amputation of his index finger and the severe loss of functionality in his entire hand. Furthermore, the injury lead to our client being overly reliant on his right hand for normal day to day tasks. As a result of this he developed pains and restrictions to his right shoulder.

Losing functionality of your hands will have vast consequences and obvious restrictions on individuals, particularly those engaged in work of a nature that requires highly precise motor skills, such as the case for this particular client. Thus losing this functionality meant that this client was no longer able to complete his job and as a result lost his position. In fact, the injury was such that he was unable to do normal day to day tasks that he once took for granted. Simple tasks like tying shoelaces or buttoning up a shirt are difficulties that our client now has to come to terms with on a daily basis.

Losing a finger or fingers can have a significant physiological impact on an individual. It can impact your self-esteem and confidence and result in disorders such as anxiety and depression. For this individual, he has lost much of his self-confidence through the restrictions he now faces. As a man concerned about how he would support his family who reside overseas, he contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners for help.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we helped this client finalise a lump sum claim for over $50, 000. From there we moved on to a work injury damages claim and are pleased to say that overall payments made by the insurer to and on behalf of our client went a long way in restoring some hope for a person in a dire situation.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we cannot assist in restoring health, but what we can do is restore hope. We do this by seeking all avenues of compensation that is available to ensure what is received by our clients’, are at a maximum.

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