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Gentleman receives $235,000.00 following slip and fall injury at a Hotel

In April 2019, our client attended the hotel for the purpose of a leisure stay. Upon check-in he was told to ensure the door to the bathroom was closed while using the shower, so that the steam would not set off the fire alarm. That evening, upon stepping out of the shower, he slipped, hitting his left shoulder followed quickly by his right as he fell out of the shower cubicle. He then attended the Hospital and was found to have suffered a full thickness tear of the tendons in his right shoulder.

As a result of his injury, this man was unable to return to work as a bus driver for an extended period of time and now finds it difficult to enjoy social and recreational activities because of pain and restricted movement.

This gentleman contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners and was put into the care of one of our Accredited Specialists, Jayne O’Sullivan. Jayne and her team got to work by organising for the premises to be inspected by one of our highly regarded experts, who found that the floor surface failed slip resistance tests and the Hotel failed to conduct proper risk assessment prior to allowing visitors to stay in their rooms. Our expert orthopaedic surgeon was supportive of the case as well, stating that he was left with ongoing injuries and disabilities and that his normal life was now significantly impaired as a result of the fall.

Our client was also assessed by a psychiatrist due to the upheaval this event had on his day-to-day life. He had symptoms of a depressed mood as a result of this accident as he could no longer have the same enthusiasm for his previous pleasures in life such as golf and tennis.

This matter ultimately progressed to settlement and our client was successful in his claim, which was much deserved after the huge toll this ordeal took on him. Not only did this accident affect him financially, but it caused him a lot of emotional distress and affected his social life immensely. Jayne and her team were happy to be able to take some pressure off of him by way of monetary compensation and hope that this assists him with his ongoing medical expenses.

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