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Goulburn woman receives $360,000 settlement due to Orthopaedic surgeon’s negligence

In our matter, our client suffered a fracture to her right wrist when she fell on concrete at home. She sought care and treatment from an orthopaedic surgeon to have this injury repaired with a simple surgery which involved realigning the fractured bone to its normal position.

Following this operation, our client noting that something was not right and felt that her forearm was becoming increasingly painful and uncomfortable. Post-surgical x-rays revealed that during the operation, our client’s fractured bone had displaced and the screw intended to hold the bone together was incorrectly inserted into joint of the patient’s forearm.

Unfortunately, there have been several surgical attempts conducted to rectify the bone damage caused by the incorrectly inserted screw, all of which have been unsuccessful. The incident has caused irreversible damage to our client, resulting in continual pain and discomfort, and a reduced range of motion in her right wrist and arm.

As a result of this injury, our client’s ability to engage in normal day to day activities, such as driving and lifting everyday objects, and to maintain regular employment has been impacted. She has also experienced a great deal of pain and weakness resulting in psychological and psychiatric injuries.

With this clear mistreatment and seeing the devastating effects it had on her quality of life, our client reached out to Gerard Malouf and Partners to seek assistance and compensation. Medical Negligence lawyer Keegan Behrens took on this case and assured our client that a claim of compensation can be pursued. He strongly argued on behalf of our client that the orthopaedic surgeon was medically negligent by failing to carry out the surgery with adequate care and skill and to perform his duties to a standard that is reasonably expected for an orthopaedic surgeon.

Through effective negotiations, Medical Negligence lawyer Keegan Behrens and his team were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of $360,000, which the client was very happy with.

Gerard Malouf and Partners have highly specialised and focussed medical negligence lawyers with our firm being small enough to care intimately for our clients, but large enough to have the solid, financial, medical and expert resources our clients need to match the big insurers we fight every day. We pride ourselves on assisting those who are mistreated, misdiagnosed and inadequately cared for by the health system.

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