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Sydney Man Receives $1,300,000 In Compensation For Chronic Renal Failure

Our client attended on his general practitioners from approximately 2009 to 2014. In spite of several complaints during his numerous attendances in that time, the Plaintiff’s renal failure was untreated.

The Plaintiff reported multiple risk factors during his period of attendance that were not acted on and investigated appropriately, including having excessive weight, being a smoker, drinking alcohol, suffering urinary urgency, suffering from lethargy, nausea and sleeplessness, and also passing blood in his urine.

As a result of this negligent management and treatment, this man suffered chronic renal failure and required a kidney transplant, as well as dialysis. He was severely injured physically, having a reduced life expectancy and severe fatigue, and was also affected psychologically by what had occurred, later being diagnosed with an Adjustment Disorder with depression and anxiety.

Our client contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners on 24 November 2016 seeking justice for what had happened to him. This matter was managed by Mr Keegan Behrens, a medical negligence specialist solicitor at our firm. For over three years, Mr Behrens and his team worked tirelessly on what was a complex and intricate medical negligence matter involving four defendants. Mr Behrens obtained expert evidence and opinions from a variety of medico-legal specialists, including two general practitioners, a renal physician, a psychiatrist, an occupational therapist and a vocational assessor. No expense was spared in ensuring that our client would have the best possible chance at reaching a satisfying resolution to the terrible situation he had found himself in.

The matter proceeded to mediation, and despite Mr Behrens’ and our expert barrister’s best efforts, we were unable to resolve the matter then.

Still, Mr Behrens and his team were not shaken. Following the mediation, the parties were able to compromise and reach a settlement of $1,300,000. While no amount of compensation will truly make up for the harm our client suffered, it is hoped that this sum will be used to help him get back on his feet and access the treatment and assistance he needs to move on with his life.

Have you been a victim of medical negligence? At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we have a dedicated and specialist medical negligence team that is ready to fight for you and your rights. Please feel free to give us a call today and get in touch with one of our expert solicitors.

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