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South Sydney Woman Receives $360,000 in Compensation for Loss of Finger

This matter concerned a young lady who, in October of 2018, attended on the emergency department of the defendant hospital with a laceration to her left little finger. She had cut herself on a broken plate while washing the dishes. At the emergency department, her wound was cleaned and a light dressing was applied.

X-rays were carried out in the Hand Clinic of the hospital which showed no bone injury. A ring block was carried out for the little finger and a piece of detached skin was stitched back on to the finger.

The finger was bandaged and splinted and this lady was given a script for oral antibiotics and a tetanus injection. She was not provided with any post-operative instructions regarding care of her dressings or to return to the hospital if there was any untoward event. Approximately 3 days after discharge, this lady’s finger was quite painful and she cut the bandage to try and relieve the pain. Upon examination, her finger was discoloured with dead skin. She immediately returned to the emergency department of the defendant hospital where she was treated, but after 9 days, her left little finger was amputated.

This was quite a traumatic experience for this lady, who contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners seeking justice for what had happened to her. This matter was handled by Mr Keegan Behrens, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at our firm.

Mr Behrens and his team investigated the circumstances surrounding our client’s amputation in great detail, and reports on liability from a hand surgeon and emergency department specialist were obtained, alleging negligence on part of the Defendant Hospital. It was alleged that the specific treatment provided in the initial dressing of the wound and instructions on discharge were incorrect and negligent. Further evidence was obtained from a psychiatrist, occupational therapist and vocational assessor. This evidence commented on our client’s psychological injuries, her care and assistance needs around the home and how this injury had affected her work as a project manager, respectively.

The matter ultimately proceeded to mediation where it was settled for the sum of $360,000. Our client was very pleased with this result and is looking forward to putting this terrible incident behind her and moving on with her life.

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