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Central Coast man receives $210,000 in compensation due to Chiropractor’s negligence

In this matter, our client was a family man who developed some tenderness in his neck and back after playing with his son. To help relieve this pain and discomfort, he sought the assistance of a Chiropractor who he believed would provide good care for his complaints.

During his appointment with the Chiropractor, our client agreed to allow the Chiropractor to perform neck manipulations.  Our client was led to believe that this would be of benefit to his neck and relieve his neck pain and tenderness. Immediately after one of these neck manipulations, our client felt a significant sharp pain in his neck and told the Chiropractor of what he was feeling.

Despite this, the Chiropractor continued to perform neck manipulations and caused our client to feel even more serve pain and discomfort in his neck.

Our client was very concerned now about this new neck pain that he had not previously experienced. To address this he visited his local General Practitioner, and it was discovered that the Chiropractor had damaged his cervical spine causing a disc to herniate which had now caused weakness and pain in his right arm, shoulder and chest. 

As a result of this injury, our client’s ability to engage in normal day to day activities and enjoy his family life was impacted as he managed his constant pain and resulting symptoms in his upper body. This was incredibly difficult for our client as he was raising a young family He experienced a great deal of stress and was required to leave his job as he could no longer manage the physical nature of it.

Our client reached out to Gerard Malouf and Partners to seek assistance and compensation from the mistreatment he had experienced. Compensation Lawyer Keegan Behrens along with his team, took on this case and was quick to seek an outcome that would meet our client’s needs.

It was decided that the best option to reach a good outcome for our client’s would be to enter into negotiations between the parties with an aim to take this matter to mediation and ensure a quick resolution. Fortunately for our client, mediation was agreed to and this matter was settled for $210,000. He was very pleased with this result and happy to be finally able to attempt to move on with his life.

We hope that this settlement will allow him to do so and encourage medical practitioners of all backgrounds to take more care in their management of patients as a failure to do so may lead to extremely serious consequences.

We are highly specialised and focused medical negligence lawyers with our firm being small enough to care intimately for our clients, but large enough to have the solid, financial, medial and expert resources our clients need to match the big insurers we fight every day.

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