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Blacktown woman awarded over $40,000 after rear end car collision

A Blacktown woman has been awarded over $40,000.00 after a rear end collision. Our client was travelling along a road when a car has stopped in front of her suddenly. To avoid a collision, our client has slowed down before coming to a stop. The car behind our client’s vehicle has failed to take the same precaution, colliding with the rear of our client’s vehicle and causing her injury.

Soon after the accident, this lady attended upon the expert compensation solicitors of Gerard Malouf and Partners. In our no obligation first consultation, our personal injury expert explained the process to the client, including what steps needed to be taken.

The early stages of making a claim are sometimes confusing and some guidance may be required. When you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is a requirement that the accident is reported to the police. Should the police not attend the scene, it is recommended that you attend the police station and do so within 28 days of the date of accident.

Furthermore, there are two forms which are relevant following a motor vehicle accident:

  1. Accident Notification From;
  2. Personal Injury Claim Form.

The Accident Notification Form is to be sent to the insurer of the vehicle at fault, and within 10 days, the insurer will respond to you and will provide you with up to $5,000.00 to assist with any treatment needs in relation to injuries sustained in your motor vehicle accident claim. This form needs to be sent to the insurer within 28 days of the accident.

To determine the relevant insurer, you simply require the registration number of the vehicle at fault, a description of the vehicle and the date of accident. With this information, you can call the Motor Accidents Authority on 1300 656 919 and they will inform you the of the insurer of the vehicle at fault.

The Personal Injury Claim Form entitles you to make a lump sum claim. Should your injuries be persistent and should you suffer ongoing loss, this form ought to be served on the insurer within 6 months of the date of accident. If it is served outside of this time, the insurer may request you provide them with a statutory declaration explaining the delay.

Our motor vehicle accident specialists assist will the finalisation of these forms and investigations to determine the correct insurer, should you have difficulty doing so.

This client’s injuries were not healing, and she was suffering ongoing loss, and accordingly a lump sum claim was pursued.

The claim was eventually negotiated to a settlement of over $40,000.00, which our client was happy to accept. From the date of initial consultation until the date of final settlement, our expert motor vehicle accident compensation lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the best result for your claim.

If you or anybody you know has a motor vehicle accident claim please contact the expert personal injury solicitors at Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation to discuss your legal entitlements.

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