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$240,000 Medical Negligence Damages Awarded For Misdiagnosis by Hospital Staff

On 4 June 2011 the plaintiff noticed symptoms of pregnancy and so, on 8 June 2011, she attended the outpatient’s clinic at a  hospital. There, the plaintiff consulted a registrar who performed an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed the presence of a mass (17 x 19 x 31mm) on the left annexa and also showed there was fluid noted in the Pouch of Douglas. This was confirmed by a Professor at the hospital. Despite the plaintiff being asymptomatic for ectopic pregnancy (ie no pelvic pain or vaginal bleeding), the employees of the hospital concluded that the ultrasound findings suggested a diagnosis of repeat ectopic pregnancy.

Following that diagnosis, the plaintiff was taken to the theatre and a left Salpingectomy was performed using bipolar scissors. The plaintiff’s left fallopian tube was removed and sent for histology.

That histology later revealed that there was no product of conception identified but, rather, that the plaintiff had a subserosal fibroid. That fibroid was confused with an ectopic pregnancy but, rather, the case was that the plaintiff had a regular intrauterine pregnancy.

As a result of the aforementioned procedure, the plaintiff suffered the loss of her left fallopian tube. This will require the use of IVF for future pregnancies and has also exasperated the plaintiff’s pre existing psychological condition.

Our Medical Negligence Lawyer Leslie Abboud took the matter to court and obtained a settlement for the plaintiff in the sum of $240,000.00. The matter was settled at mediation and the matter took less than 12 months from the date of instructions.

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