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Leslie Abboud

Medical negligence expertise is based on experience. Having managed over 10,000 cases in my career I can assist with the medicine side of the claim. This assists our clients to have the best relevant experts and expedites determining liability as this is always the issue.

Knowing what the reasonable clinical practice is allows me to ask the right questions that establish the defendant’s liability. Inexperienced lawyers just fumble through this delaying your rights.

My role is to litigate against the hospitals and medical profession so as to bring about better practices and save future lives. By you suing you are not only receiving compensation but also saving future lives by forcing the medical profession to provide better practices and standards.

To serve and seek justice for the public is what I find most satisfying in the day to day running of my work at Gerard Malouf & Partners. I provide empathy and understanding to all my clients so as to help them rebuild their lives, as well as seek the compensation entitlements they require.

Leslie joined GMP in April 2011, having practised as a sole practitioner since 1982 and specialising in Medical Negligence, Public Liability and Motor Vehicle Injury law.

Leslie has obtained an Arts law degree from Sydney University in 1980.

Leslie has a compassion for disadvantaged members of society who have been unfairly treated by the hospital system and the medical profession in the hope that there will changes for the better in hospitals and by the medical profession.

Leslie’s satisfaction is in justice being served and the provision of compensation being awarded to the mentally & physically challenged adults and children who are most deserving, so that they can have a better quality of life.

In his spare time , Leslie enjoys going fishing and travelling.

He also likes to engage in reading and keeping up to date with the latest medical technology.

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